Friday, November 13, 2009

How to pose for wedding photography

Let me say this first every bride I meet is beautiful and especially on there wedding day!!!! I just try to help them be comfortable in front of the camera. I know everyone of you brides out there have posed in front of the mirror. You should practice that a few times before the wedding to get some ideas of what looks best for you. You can try to pulling your legs and feet to one side to lengthen an narrow your lines. Also play around with hand placement with one on top of the other. Or any other ideas that you have in mind.

The one thing you should always do is loosen up! Have fun!!! and own that dress woman! This is your day have fun with the photos just relax. You can close your eyes between portraits and take a deep breath before opening them to just ease the anxiety. Try to treat the camera as your friend.

When doing the standing poses the correct posture will help your photos greatly. Once again play around int he mirror before hand and find your best side. Also think about how you are going to do your hair that day and how it is going to fall. Also be aware of where the groom will be standing during some the photos.

There are all kinds of body types out there. If you are a full figured person sometimes if is best if you practice posing in a sort of three quarter stance. You can create a elongate loo9k by thrusting your shoulders back and extending one foot out or crossing one over the other. Just Angle your hip toward the camera and this will allow for a narrower silhouette. Remember stand tall and be proud this is your day!

I my favorite shots are the candid. That is when we get to have fun! Don't worry you are beautiful and the more natural you are the more camera and world will know it!!!

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