Saturday, November 14, 2009

The New Canon 5d mark II is the best camera ever!!!

As a Wedding photographer I have to have to be on top of the newest equipment out there. I was seeing the reviews for the new Canon 5d mark 2 as they came out. They just raved about how this is the camera of the future. It can shoot at the ISO's which means you don't always have to use your flash when you are in a low light situation. As a Atlanta bride this means you get more natural photos and you don't have to worry about flashes going off all around you. I have been using the 5d mark II on the last 7 weddings I have done. I have been impressed by the cameras fast focusing speed and at fast response under low light conditions. I have been so happy!! As you can see by the wedding ceremony photo on the left taken with candle light you could not have taken that photo on your old camera. You can tell my clients have been happy by looking at Atlanta bridal reviews of my wedding photography. Sure this is still just a camera and it takes some one to know how to work it. But I want the best equipment so I can take the best wedding photos.

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