Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Weddings in Georgia

Ah Christmas, it is a wonderful time. If you think about it. It is the time you think about being with your closest family and friends. Family travels from near and far come to one central place to celebrate and enjoy each other's company. So why not have your wedding then?

I know there are a lot of weddings in Atlanta at Christmas time. I myself got married on New Years eve because I knew my family would be in town to celebrate and they could easily be at my wedding. As a professional wedding photographer in Atlanta I think it is great to celebrate the New Year, the birth of Christ and new beginnings with the one you love this time of year! So don't let Christmas stop you from having your wedding, let it help you get your family together to celebrate!

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David Diener

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Unknown said...

thank you for sharing, David...I enjoy your style of shooting. Merry Christmas!

Paul Amodio