Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking forward to great Atlanta weddings in 2010!

Well let's face it 2009 was not the best year for everyone. I don't know anyone who was not effected by the economy. Weddings were smaller and brides had to make some tough decessions on their weddings. They often had to make the guest list smaller to save money and other things like that to save money.

I am positive this year will be better! As far as weddings go this Atlanta wedding photographer has booked twice as many weddings as last year at this time. I want to thank all the brides, grooms and families that have spread the word that www.AtlantaArtisticWeddings.com is a great vendor for your photography needs. I am looking forward to serving the Atlanta community and trying to make the best wedding photos ever!

Thanks for stopping by!
David Diener

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