Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wedding Proposal in Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta Wedding Photography
Recently I was invited to photograph a very special occasion.  This person was going to propose to his girlfriend at the same place they went on their first date.  They went on their first date at Centennial Olympic Park and they went ice skating.   He wanted me to capture this moment and not let her know since it was a surprise.  I did some research on the lightning and I was up to the challenge!
The big night came and I get an assistant to help me because I did not wan to miss the big moment!  It was easy to take photos of them skating since there were so many people skating.  He wanted to propose to her at the Olympic Rings Fountain.  So when they made their move there I put my assistant in to position and I grabbed a passing couple and asked them to be part of my cover and they agreed.   I then moved my cover in to position and shot over their shoulder at the couple.  What happened next was magic.  He pulled out the ring and even got down on one knee!
I cant say what a honor it was to photograph the big moment!  She was none the wiser and they were just thinking about Atlanta Wedding Venues. I have included the video for everyone to see.
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