Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinterest is a great new website for your visual ideas!

Atlanta Artistic Weddings
Well maybe I have started seeing the future!  I just got invited to Pinterest.  For those who don't know you it is the newest social media site.  Where you can pin up recipes, visual ideas for your wedding, wedding dresses and even interior design ideas.   You become a member be being invited (if you want and invite please email me and I will be happy to help).  So basically you start out making these bulletin board and you pin your ideas there by going to different sites and pining photos from their site to yours.  So if you go to www.atlantaartisticweddings.com and you see photo that you like you just log in to your pinterest account and then you can pin ideas from my site to yours.  Or if you find a recipe at lets say the food network site you can post that idea on your pinterest site.  Then at the end you will have all these great photos expressing your ideas on your food and wedding. You need to really check this site out!
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David Diener