Friday, August 31, 2012

Atlanta Wedding Reception at Art Gallery

There is a growing trend to have receptions at galleries. They are perfect for at reception if you think about. They have some art on the wall so people have something to talk about. Usually are used to serving guest food and drinks. There is usually a large area for a dance floor. They are also usually closed in the evenings so they become a multi use facility!

I recently shot at Mason Murer Fine Art. It is a beautiful facility with the perfect amenities for a wedding or any other event. They had some great art work with a wide range of styles. They also have some large areas to accommodate big groups surrounded by smaller areas for intimate conversions. Just perfect for your event.

This particular wedding they had a sparklers for their exit. There was plenty of room by the doors for all the guests. The couple was perfect I could not ask for a more perfect shot. When they were exiting they stopped right in front of me and they gave their best kiss of the night surrounded by the sparklers! I have included the shot below.

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