Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The perfect time in the evening for photographs

Hello everyone!
Well I am back and I wanted to share a photograph that I took this weekend at an Atlanta wedding.  There is such thing as timing when it comes to wedding photography.  There are perfect times in the day and there are perfect times in the evening to get the best photos.  

This particular photo to me was taken at the best time of the evening with the best lights to compliment it.  It was taken about 15 minutes after sunset.  When the sun has gone down but still illuminating the sky with a deep blue.  The other thing that makes this photo is the compliment of the warm  light coming from the hanging light bulbs at the house. 

Sometimes things just come together so nicely and you have to be there to capture the moment.  

I want to thank this Atlanta couple for their gracious hospitality and being so wonderful!

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