Friday, February 28, 2014

A Photography Website with Shortcuts and Inspiration

Hello everyone! As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am always looking for inspiration.  I have made a website with some links to the information that I refer to most.  It is at  There I have links to photoshop shortcuts, lightroom shortcuts and links to photographers that inspire me.  I have also embedded videos of  George Hurrell one of the greatest photographers.  He was the photographer to Hollywood for years and was the master of the black and white stills that promoted the stars of the time.  I have also embedded a video of Richard Avadon another photographer that inspired me.  His documentary "Dark and Light" is a classic that we can all learn from.  Both photographers shoot in black and white and are minimalist photographers in the since they capture the subject and there is no filler.  We could all learn from them. 
I hope that you enjoy the site and come back often.  I plan on updating it often with new links and inspiration!

Thank you so much for visiting! Please feel free to call me at
and I will be happy to help you in any way that I can.
David Diener

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