Friday, February 14, 2014

Trash The Dress! by Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Hello everyone!  There has been a growing trend among the younger brides for "trash the dress" photo shots.  This involves after the wedding you go out and pick a location to trash your wedding dress.  I just got an opportunity to do one.

I think they are great ideas.  They give the bride a chance to wear the wedding dress again and have a photo shot where they are not rushed by the wedding day.  They get to have fun and not be so worried about being so prime and proper.  This way the are just a girl having fun!

This bride was so wonderful.   We decided to do some fun photos before we went and trashed the dress in the lake.  She wore some sassy cowboy boots.  We did a few shots on some railroad tracks, a covered bridge and some by the lake.  We then moved on to the lake location.

We had a blast!! She was full of energy and gave some wonderful playful poses.  As you can see from the photo the main objective was to have fun!  Which is what all photo shots should be.  I want to thank the bride for giving me the chance to photograph such a unique opportunity.

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