Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Historic Wedding Location in Atlanta the Marianna aka Victor H. Kriegshaber House

Courtesy of www.themarianna.com
Spring is in the air and so are weddings.  As you know I like to sing the praises of people that I like.  I am also a big fan of historic architecture.  Recently Ema from the Marianna asked me to come by and check out the wedding facility the Marianna.  It is a wonderful venue!!! You can see the website at: http://www.themarianna.com/

I have always loved this place since I first saw it.  I checked out a long time ago during the renovation period. I can tell the current owners have a deep appreciation of the historic architecture they have.   If you do any research on the venue you can search by the historic name Victor H. Kriegshaber House.  It is on the National Registrar of Historic Places and listed on several websites.  It has been a land mark in Atlanta since the early 1900's.
Come on by and say hello to Ema.  Take a tour of the facility and you will be happy you did.

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