Friday, May 9, 2014

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Why Atlanta Artistic Weddings loves Piedmont Park

Engagment Photography by at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia
Let me say it one more time I love Piedmont Park in the morning.  As an Atlanta Wedding Photographer I love this oasis in the middle of Atlanta.  It has the romanticism that brings a couple closer.  I had the opprotunity to shot a wonderful couple this weekend.  We were blessed with some wonderful weather and great light.  They were so sweet to each other.  I love doint engagement shoots for two reasons. One I love working with the couple on a more casual setting. Everyone knows the best photos are when you are relaxed.  In a relaxed setting the couple can just be theirselves and relax.  The second reason I like to shot engagemnt photos is that I get to know the couple.  I am always just asking them questions and chatting them up.  That way I know them and they know me.  So when the wedding day comes around I am not a stranger running around with a camera I am David their friend documenting their day.
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