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Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Atlanta Artistic Weddings
As a Atlanta wedding photographer it is my honor to photograph many weddings in Decatur, Dunwoody, Roswell, and many historic venues.  The first thing I look for when I am at any of these places is lighting.  I look for sources of lighting within the facility and out side the wedding venue.  As many of you know that I love natural lighting and I shoot quickly and as efficiently as I can. 

When shooting inside I am looking at the location of windows and doors.  They are great sources of diffused light!  I just love using them!  Depending on how you use them you can have very diffused flattering light or have some very dramatic lighting.  When you use doors you can back light your subject or shoot from the side and have some great diffused light.  The same goes for windows except they can be tricky depending on the location of furniture in the room and what curtains they use.

When shooting outside of a wedding venue I am looking for even and also dramatic lighting.  I also ask the venue for insight to how their lights work outside so I will know how to modify them to their best use.  In this particular shot the venue they had these chandeliers hanging from the tree in front of the Atlanta wedding venue. So what I did when the sun went down I go that area and place them close to the chandelier and use a little fill flash and boom there you go a very romantic pose with some dramatic lighting.  I also want to say that the couple were great!!! They were very open to any ideas I had. 

So in closing all when you look at a photograph it is all  about the lighting, the lighting, the lighting!

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