Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shoes are a Brides Best Friend on her Wedding Day

Shoes are one of the most important accessories.  You don't think about it much but you really need to think about shoes almost before you pick out a wedding dress. Because you need to know how much you need to alter your dress based on the size of your heels on your shoes.  You want to be comfortable in them to because you will be wearing them all day! I have seen all goes of shoes at weddings.  This pair was for a great bride.  She wanted some high pumps to lengthen her figure and make her legs look longer.
Another thing I have seen is women put certain things in their shoes.  You all know about putting the penny in your shoe for good luck. I had this one bride who put photos of her grandparents in her shoes.  Since they were very special people to her and they had passed.  It was her way of having them walk down the aisle.
Just this week I had a bride wear cowboy boots.  She was getting married to a fine young man from Texas.  It was her way to pay homage to his home state.
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