Monday, October 6, 2014

Skype, Face to Face and Google Hangouts Bring Your Wedding All Over the World! |

Skype wedding to Israel and two other countries by  Can see the bride and groom looking at the iphone and her Dad's face on the screen.
Well it is time to embrace technology!  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I privileged to see so many cultures and weddings.  A lot of my clients come from all over the world such as Israel, India, Germany and Japan.  It is very expensive to travel to the United States for a wedding but very inexpensive to share your wedding with friends and relatives all over the world with the technology you hold in your hand every day.  A few years ago it was very difficult to transmit a wedding but with wifi almost everywhere and the higher internet speeds on your phones now a days it is easy to transmit video to almost any where in the world!

In the picture above you see one of the guests holding her phone and using iphone's face time feature transmit the wedding to her father in Israel.  You can see his face in the phone and the couple and Rabi looking at him. I thought it was a great way to share their wedding with some one so far away in another country.  

What the person did was logged on to the local wifi and just transmitted the wedding.  With the wifi connection there was no delay in the video and no cost to the phone's data plan.  There are several programs to use for mobile devices to transmit your wedding.  On iphone and android devices you and use Skype.  It has been around a long time and is very reliable.  The advantage of Skype is even if the person in another country does not have a smart phone they can still log in to skype on there computer and see the wedding.  Iphones have the feature face time and if the other person has a iphone and wifi the video is almost seamless.  Android users can use Skype or Google Hangouts. The adavantage of Google Hangouts it that you can transmit the wedding to multipule people at once. 

In closing take advantage of today technology and share your wedding all over the world!

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