Monday, November 24, 2014

Even in the cold you can have fun engagement photos! | photography by

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Even in the cold you can have fun engagement photos! Sometimes you can't help but brag.  I just have to brag on this wonderful couple.  It was down right freezing and this couple was just great! We arrived at Hurricane Shoals Park at a little after sunrise.  It was the first cold day in Georgia.  I could tell that the bride to be was cold but being a real sport.   So since it was cold and it is always fun to incorporate props in to a shoot.  So I thought a lets keep these people warm!  So we got a blanket out of the car.  So really all you need is a blanket and two people in love and you have a warm and happy couple!  The photos speak for their selves they are two people in love.  The blanket is a symbol of warmth and comfort between two people in love.  It brought the couple together and you can tell by they look into each others eyes that they are a awesome couple!

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