Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welcoming the New Family Member | Children Photography by Atlanta Artsitic Weddings

Photography by
Recently I was contacted from one of my pasts brides.  She let me know that she just had a baby and wanted me to do some baby photos!  I was honored!  It is so cool to see a couple and their next stage of life.  A couple of weeks after the baby was born I went over to their house and saw the cutest baby ever!  These were some proud parents.  And wouldn't you if you had the cutest baby ever.  I just love the children's expressions.  Everything is so new to them and they get so excited!  This was a simple shoot I just used a simple basket and some natural light.

So at this time of year it is time to give thanks.  The honor of photographing wonderful brides and grooms and their weddings.  Also give thanks for happy healthy babies.  So like my mom says "count your blessings" and be thankful for them.

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