Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun Wedding Photography with the Groomsmen by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Wedding Photography by in Atlanta, Georgia

Today I am going to touch on the groom.   When photographing a wedding a lot of attention goes to the bridal photography.  Today I am going to share one of may favorite photos from a past wedding in Atlanta.  This group of groomsmen were just awesome.  They embody the spirit of a great groomsmen.  The groom was one of the nicest and tallest groom that I have every had to meet.  The guys were so thoughtful and knew how to have fun.  We were shooting at theater and I just knew we it was the place to put on a show.  All I needed to do was give the guys the stage and line them up to some great light and boom we have a great groomsman photo.  These guys are posing like they are a bunch of tough guys but they could not have been nicer or more fun. 

It is important when doing wedding photography to have two things going on.  One you should have fun!  When having fun you have the best photos!  The other thing to keep in mind when doing wedding photography are to get to know the bride and groom so you can capture their personality.  I always say each wedding is like a snow flake.  They are beautiful and no two are alike.

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