Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography is Timeless

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography by

With 2015 coming to a end I want to spend a little time reflecting and counting my many blessings.  I first want to thank all the wonderful bride and grooms that gave me the honor of being their wedding photographer.  As a Atlanta Wedding photographer I have had the honor of serving some many wonderful diverse couples.  I want to thank all the bridal parties, families and friends that have been so great!

When I look back thought of what ran though all the photos was the classic black and white photography.  I can not say enough about classic black and white wedding photography is timeless.  You can show it to some one 20 years from now and it will still hold up.  I just love the candid fell that documentary wedding photography gives you.  When I am photographing all these weddings I feel that it is a documentary of their wedding day.  During your wedding day things happen quickly and before you know it the day is over.  The black and white documentary wedding photography captures those little moments that make up the wedding day.

Thank you again to all the wonderful weddings that I have been part of it is truly an honor to be their wedding photographer.  I would love to hear from you.  Please go to the contact page of and let me know what you think.
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Natural Light Atlanta Wedding Photography by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

by Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

I love wedding photography in Atlanta!  As a wedding photographer in the metro area I get to shoot at so many locations.  When I meet with a couple I try to find out where they meet and get to know them more than just as a photographer.  This wonderful couple meet at Emory University and feel in love.  They could have not been nicer!  When I found out that they meet at Emory I said why don't we do your wedding photos there.  They have a great campus with so many places to shoot at!  She agreed,  he agreed and finally the weather agreed!  Using just natural light we had such a fun time with the wedding photos.
When we got there we meet the family and did the first look.  They were so thoughtful towards each other.  They exchanged vows to each other with the family and parents present.  Once they were finished they wanted to get out there and do their photos.
We started at the business school and ended up at the quad in the middle of campus.  The lighting was perfect!  They had such a great attitude and were such fun to shoot.  She braved the slight chill in the air.   During the photo session they just laughed and had such a great time while their friends cheered them on.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An Equestrian Wedding with Natural Lighting

by Atlanta Wedding Photographer at

 Natural Lighting and Wedding Photography

I was going through some of my weddings I did this year.  I then came across this equestrian wedding in Atlanta.  It was truly beautiful.  The bride grew up with a few horses.  They were part of the family.  It was such an honor being her wedding photographer.  She was a wonderful bride.  The horse was wonderful as well.
As you can see it was a beautiful sunny day.  It was a perfect day for a wedding!  I love it when brides come up with unique ideas on how to make their wedding special.  When she said she wanted to incorporate the horse in her photos I said “great I am all in!”.  I thought the white horse and the white dress looked great together.  As many of you know I am a Atlanta wedding photographer who loves natural lighting.  So I found a nice little place on their property and lined them up with the light.  It provided a nice little rim light for the hair, dress and grass.  It has a almost fairy tale to the wedding photograph.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Atlanta Rainy Day Wedding Photography

Atlanta Wedding Photography by

I want to share with you a recent Atlanta wedding.    I want to tell you a little about this bride. One she was great!!!  She embraced the day and cherished her wonderful friends and family.  These bridesmaids were awesome also!  They were so supportive and you could tell they had a bond with the bride that went way back.

As a Atlanta Wedding Photographer I have the honor of shooting at many different locations and situations.  There is one thing no one can do anything about is the "r" word.  When I say the "r" word I mean rain.  Every venue and bride hopes for the best and plans for the worst.  This particular wedding we found out early on that it was going to rain.  So they moved the wedding inside.  As some of you may know that I love natural light.  I will use natural lighting when ever I can.  After the wedding it was time to do the portraits.  Since it was raining I could not take the party outside.  I did how ever see this huge window with white curtains.  I took the bridal party there.  There was a enough natural light to back light the party.  I could not be happier with the results.  It gives a beautiful airy feel. This is a group of people who will not let a little rain ruin their parade!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Light Painting at the Stone Mountain Cemetery

Light Painting Photography by

One of the things I love to do in photography light painting.  As a Atlanta Wedding Photographer at I like to really push the limits of photography. The two of the hardest things to shoot are weddings and night photography to me.   Both are the most rewarding to me. 

As some of you may know I teach at Emory's Continuing Education Program.  I have a great group of students for the Digital Photography II class.  They have been in the program for a while now.  One of the portions of the class I like to do Light Painting.  I like giving this assignment to the students for a couple of reasons.  One it does not take a lot of expensive equipment just a tripod and a flash light or any other kind of light source such as cell phone, laser pointers or spot lights.  It also teaches the students about long exposures and how to deal with different light sources.  Another great reason for giving that assignment is that the results are dramatic and that students are always amazed at how simple it is to do. 

This weekend I took one of the students and his kids to the Stone Mountain Cemetery.  According to the website.

"Established circa 1850, the Cemetery is the final resting place for the villages’ settlers, granite cutters, farmers, and townspeople. It contains graves of veterans from the Civil War to the present.  Its notable rise and view of Stone Mountain is complemented by its granite entry piers and the beautifully carved headstones and mausoleums that lie within it.  This landmark historic site draws scores of annual visitors interested in family and local history as well as passerby’s attracted by its unique features and walkability."

It is one of the older cemeteries in the Atlanta area.  If you are in to history it is a great little side trip!  After your visit you can check out Stone Mountain and historic downtown.  It is a great community with just some great folks!

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Thanks f

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why an Engagement Session is included in Every Package

Engagement Photography at Piedmont Park - by wedding photographers at

Why an Engagement Session is included in Every Package

It is an honor being a wedding photographer in Atlanta and be part of I As a Atlanta wedding photographer I love weddings but I also love engagement photo sessions.  It is a chance to get to know the couple and to get them comfortable with the idea of having a photographer following them around.  Which is a hard concept to put your head around.   Not everyone has their photo taken through out the day.

I always say the best photos are when you are relaxed.  When you are relaxed you can be yourself and your personality shows through.  I love when a couple is relaxed enough around the camera to let their hair down and just be their selves.  As simple as it sounds it does not always happen.  So when the I see some one smile at their best friend that is the photo I want.  I want to capture that special moment between the friends and family that can capture a moment in time that shows emotion and slice of time that captures the day.

I recently meet a engaged couple.  They were a little shy and reminded me of another couple that were fans of Dr. Who the BBC television program.  They mentioned that they wanted their engagement photos taken at the Historic Oakland Cemetery.  I said awesome!!!! Like I said I love it when a couple expresses some uniqueness and their personality.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rainy Day Family Photography

Family Photography in the Rain by

You can still get great photos in the rain

There is something about a rain day.  If you are from Atlanta I don't have to tell you that we have gotten our share of rain the last couple of weeks .  I had a family portrait scheduled this weekend and looking at the weather channel there was rain in the future.  The family was from England and were used to the rain.  So the mother emailed me and asked if I was up for a rainy family portrait.  I course I said yes!!!   As a Atlanta wedding photographer at I am always up for a challenge.  If I can shoot something different and unique I get excited.

The mom was so smart and got the kids rubber boots for the shoot.  She also brought little caps for the kids, colorful rain coats and a umbrella for the shoot.  They have 3 boys and they were great!  The youngest was always looking around trying to keep up with his older brothers.  When one as playing with the umbrella he had to have a turn.  I go this shot just as he opened the umbrella.  His dad is off camera holding the top of the umbrella since as you can see it is bigger than him.  I just love the vibrancy of the colors from this shot.  I could not have asked for anything better!  If you have ideas please feel free to share them with your photographer we always love new ideas and that way you get to express your families personality.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trash the Dress shoot in Atlanta by

Wedding Photography by photographers at

Trash the Dress with Natural Lighting by Wedding Photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings

As a Atlanta wedding photographer at Atlanta Artistic Weddings I get to shoot at so many wonderful photo locations through out the metro area.  This weekend a bride contact me because she saw one of my posts and said that if I shot your wedding I would throw in a trash the dress shoot for free!  When she contacted me that she wanted to a trash the dress shoot I could not be happier!  They are just so much fun!!

It seemed like everything worked out at this shoot.  It had been looking like rain but we did not see any during the shoot.  Mater of fact during the key shot when she started to go to the water the sun lined up perfectly!  We got that great rim light that you see in her hair.  All of this was done with natural lighting!  The other thing that worked out so well was the fall colors!  It was a perfect time to shoot the photos that weekend I could not have asked for better fall colors.  Last but not least was the bride!  She was a real trooper!  She was open minded about all the locations we shot at and just jumped in the water and did not complain that it was cold (and it was very cold!!).  The most important thing about this wonderful bride is that she just wanted to have fun!  If you want the best photos you just need to have fun!!  I can not thank her enough.

I just love this photo for a couple of reasons.  One, the lighting I could not ask for more.  Like I said it was cloudy all day and then boom! As soon as we started to move to the water shots the sun came out and was at the perfect angle.  The second thing I love about the photo is the bride's pose.  It is not a pose per say because it is so natural. She is not looking at the camera she is just drinking in the fall colors, the warm sun, the water and the moment.  As you have read in all my posts is that I love natural lighting!!! The lighting in this photo is just so naturally beautiful and I could not ask for more.  I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I did taking it.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Engagement Photography at Atlanta Centennial Park and the SkyView Ferris Wheel

Wedding Photography by Atlanta Photographers at

 Atlanta Wedding Photographers at shot engagement photos at Centennial Olympic Park

As a Atlanta wedding photographer at I get to photograph some amazing locations! This week I had the honor of photographing this wonderful couple at the Atlanta Centennial Park.  They got engaged at the SkyView Ferris Wheel.  What a romantic story!  They wanted their photography to capture that area of Atlanta.

They SkyView Ferris Wheel where they got engaged at is owering nearly 20 stories above Centennial Park.  According to their website "the SkyView Ferris wheel features 42 climate-controlled gondolas providing guest with breathtaking panoramic views of downtown Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area. Those looking for an even more enhanced experience will enjoy our VIP gondola boasting Ferrari leather seats, glass floor and a longer flight time. And, with its convenient location just steps from many of Atlanta’s most popular attractions, SkyView Atlanta is the perfect compliment to your downtown adventure. SkyView. You can see Atlanta from here."

We did most of the photography at Centennial Olympic Park according to the website the history of the park is:

"Following the Olympic Games, a large portion of the park was closed and redesigned for daily public use. A gala commemoration weekend in March 1998 introduced the newly landscaped Park and its expanded amenities.
Today, this unique 21-acre park performs a dual mission: it serves as Georgia’s lasting legacy of the Centennial Olympic Games and it anchors efforts to revitalize residential and commercial development in Georgia’s capital city of Atlanta.
The Georgia World Congress Center Authority has operational responsibility for Centennial Olympic Park, as well as the Georgia Dome and Georgia World Congress Center."

While at the park we did most of the photography at the fountain.  There are some amazing facts on the Fountain!

Centennial Olympic Park Fountain Facts
  • About 5,000 gallons of water per minute is recycled through the Fountain, enough to fill an average size swimming pool in five minutes. The entire water system is filtered once every 30-minutes.
  • Water height during normal fountain operation can reach 12 feet. During the Fountain Show, sprays can be anywhere from 15 to 30 feet tall. The computerized Fountain can be programmed with special announcements as well as a variety of water displays including low-pressure, walk-through “water curtains”, fog and misting.
  • There are 251 submersible color changing light fixtures with 4 bulbs each in clear, amber, blue and red as well as a new digital sound system including 26 three-way, weather resistant speakers with subwoofers
  • The Fountain’s 251 computer-controlled water jets (125 stream and 126 aeration), 410 fog jets, 1004 lights bulbs and miles of underground water pipes make the Fountain of Rings one of the most sophisticated fountains in the world.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Atlanta Engagement Photography at Piedmont Park

Wedding photography by Atlanta Artistic Wedding Photography

Engagement Photo Session at Piedmont Park Atlanta by

Recently I had the honor of doing a engagement session for this wonderful couple.  They are getting married in Italy and wanted some shots of them in Atlanta at Piedmont Park by Park Tavern where they first meet.  I could not have asked for a better more fun couple.  What makes a great shoot is when everyone is relaxed and just have a good time.  This couple was just that.  I choose this photo to share this time because I really like the way that they look at each other.  After spending just a few moments with them I could tell how in love they were and how supportive they were of each other. 

I love doing engagement photography at Piedmont Park.   You have so many wonderful locations to shot at.  You have Oak Hill where you get a great Atlanta skyline in the background.  You have the  Dockside where you have a great view of the Lake Clara Meer, You have the Park Drive Bridge, the Active Oval, the Dockside Building with the great columns (featured here), the beautiful entrance gates through out the park and all the wonderful historic stone features throughout the park.

There are also some great wedding facilities there that I have had shot at.  There is the Dockside that where you can have your ceremony at.  There is Magnolia Hall where you have a wonderful wedding facility and easy access to parking which is a premium in Atlanta.  Then there is the Graystone Manor a historic wedding facility with beautiful details inside and out. 

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Classic Black and White Wedding photography in Atlanta

Wedding Photography by

 Classic Black and White Wedding Photography

Please let me tell you how much I love black and white wedding photography.  It gives you such a timeless feel to your wedding photography when done right. Remember photography means light drawing and when you use black and white photography it breaks it down to the basics.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer at I get the honor of shooting at different locations through this wonderful city.  At every Atlanta wedding venue the first thing I look for is natural lighting.  There is just something about when you have some natural light and a simple black and white wedding photograph it turns into a classic wedding photograph.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Atlanta Classic Black and White Wedding Photography

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography by

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography Never Goes Out of Style

If you know me at at all you know that I have a passion for classic black and white photography.  When I mean classic I mean timeless.  When you take a nice black and white photo you can't tell if it was taken in 1930 or 2015 it's natural beauty comes through. This particular photo was taken at Villa Christina a wonderful full service Atlanta wedding venue in the northern section of Atlanta Near the Sandy Springs, Georgia. 

There are several things I like about this photograph.  One is that the subject is not looking at me.  It is a candid moment of the wedding day.  Part of the behind the scenes look at what goes into a wedding.  The classic black and white image lends itself to a documentary feel.  The black and white aspect also gets rid of the distractions around the subject so you can focus on the subject and get pulled on to the photograph.

As a Atlanta wedding photographer at Atlanta Artistic Weddings I have the honor of shooting many different kind of cultures, event venues and wonderful people in general.  That is the thing that I love about wedding photography in Atlanta. It is just so awesome to document someone's special day and the bringing together of two families and celebrating two people in love. 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Great Band and Wedding Photography by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Master Piece Band and Live Entertainment wedding photography by

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I recently I had the honor of shooting a wonderful wedding at the Houston Mill House.  One of the things I don't see much any more is a live band and I love live bands.  The name of the band at this wedding is the MasterPiece Band.  You can see them at their website at  They are a very talented group that know how to get the party started.  They have 3 female vocalist and one of the coolest bass players!  Everyone in the band is a master!  I do how ever have to say something about the trombone player which you don't see very often in bands anymore.  He just blew me away what a talent not only did he played with the larger piece band but he and the guitar player were playing jazz during the dinner hour.  If you want to you and your guests to have a great time I would suggest booking some live music!

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Great band

Monday, September 28, 2015

Atlanta Trash the Dress Photography by

Atlanta Wedding Photography and Atlanta trash the dress photography by

Trash the Dress Shoot in Atlanta

Well I first want to brag on all of my great Atlanta bride and grooms.    This particular couple I did their wedding a while back.  When I saw the mother of the bride recently asked me about a trash the dress shoot.  I said if she can get the couple together I would do it for free because they are so much fun!  Well she contacted the couple and they were excited to do it and they were going to be in Atlanta this weekend.  I said lets make it happen!!!!
I want to put this out to all my brides if you want to do a trash the dress shoot in Atlanta.  I will be happy to do it for free.  The wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings are happy to do it and they are just so fun to do!
We went to a park near the Emory campus.  It a had just rained and the water was very swift and made some great reflections.   The bride wore a wonderful a line dress and was wonderful as always.  The groom wore dress pants, suspenders and a white dress shirt.  I wore dress pants and dress shirt because I not going to ask them to do anything that I am not willing to do. I also brought towels, paint and sparklers.  You will see those photos soon.
I wanted to gradually work my way to to the paint because once you go there, there is no turning back.  So we took a few fun photos around the park and then it was time for the rubber to meet the road.  We started to work our way in the creek.  Once we got there I let them just be their selves.  I just sat back and found a good spot and started shooting.   I just love this shot!  This is the way it came out of the camera there was no editing and just using natural light.  I could not be happier with this Trash the shoot in Atlanta.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Emory Catering and the Houston Mill House/Conferance Center

 Emory's Historic Houston Mill House is a Great Wedding Venue and Has a Wonderful Staff!

There is something that goes unsaid about weddings but what you really appreciate it when it works.  That is a great team!  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have had the honor of shooting at many of Atlanta's Premiere facilities.  As some of you may know that I have done several weddings at the Emory Campus.  Recently I had the honor of shooting at the Houston Mill House again.  It is a beautiful historic event venue located in the heart of the Emory Campus.  What makes this venue truly great is the star professional staff that truly cares for it's clients.  That is what really makes a great venue!  The two people I want to highlight are Ezell and Jennifer.  They make a great team and compliment each others talents beautifully. They work hard to make your wedding enjoyable.  You could not ask for two better people to have on your wedding team!

As I mention before the Houston Mill House is a wonderful historic wedding venue.  To give you a little insight to the rich history I am going to include the story of this venue from their website.  They can say it much better than I:

"In the early 1900's people usually visited the Houston Mill for two reasons: to buy ground corn meal produced by Washington Jackson Houston's grist mill or to attend the frequent social gatherings on the grounds. An entrepreneur, Major Houston converted the mill into DeKalb County's first hydroelectric plant in 1900.

Harry J. Carr, an Atlanta contractor who built Druid Hills High School, the old DeKalb County Courthouse and the Candler Building downtown, bought the land from Major Houston in the early 1920's and constructed his home, now known as Houston Mill House. Mr. Carr used fieldstone, poured concrete, and wrought iron for his three story, fourteen room home. He also built a magnificent stone fireplace in the house's great room.

In the 1960's Emory University purchased the house and the surrounding property from Mr. Carr's estate. In the mid 1970's the Emory Women's Club orchestrated the renovation of the house. By the fall of 1979 the renovations were completed and the house was open for business. Twenty-five years later the house is still known throughout Atlanta to be one of the most elegant event facilities in the city."

I hope you visit the Houston Mill House and get a tour.  You will fall in love with it's historic Atlanta charm! You can contact them at Houston Mill House, 849 Houston Mill Road  Atlanta, Georgia 30329  phone 404-712-6712.  You can also visit their website at

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Wonderful Wedding at Heritage Sandy Springs by

Atlanta Wedding Photography by

Atlanta Wedding with Sunflowers by

I have to share this wonderful wedding that I shot last weekend.  The bride had picked sunflowers for her bouquet.  It was beautiful choice for the location and wedding!  It added just the right amount of color against the natural flowers and the Heritage Sandy Springs facility.  The flower girl wore a sunflower headband.  The flowers also looked great with the daisies that they have there also.

I want to take a little time to also let you know about a great Atlanta wedding Facility.  It is the Heritage Sandy Springs.  The Heritage is a nonprofit organization that builds community through preserving and promoting the historic and cultural identity of Sandy Springs.  Heritage Sandy Springs manages and operates Heritage Green, the four-acre park in the heart of Sandy Springs and home of the original springs, the Sandy Springs Society Entertainment Lawn, and the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum.  Heritage Sandy Springs enriches the quality of life for Sandy Springs residents and visitors through cultural, historical and educational opportunities. As some of you may know that I have been involved in historic preservation so this place is close to my heart.  I also want to give a shout out to Sarah Poland the facility manager there.  She is a great one to have on your team on your wedding day! You can find more about the Heritage by visiting their website

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Friday, September 4, 2015

In Honor of DragonCon 2015 Atlanta Super Hero Wedding by

Super Hero Wedding in Atlanta featuring Batman by
In honor of Dragon Con 2015 in Atlanta I am revisiting a Super Hero Wedding in Atlanta.  This Atlanta Wedding features an appearance from Batman.  It is such an honor being a Atlanta Wedding Photographer!
Well I thought I have seen it all and then this come along!  As I always say that thing I like most about a wedding is when the bride and groom put their own touch on it.  It just makes it fun for them and makes the whole thing so much more personable.   This couple I shot a couple of weeks ago did just that!  They were the most wonderful couple inside and out.   I just love them!  
I don’t know who came up with the idea but they had a superhero themed wedding.

The wedding took place at the Payne Corley House in Duluth.  It is a wonder historic facility who recently renovated the interior and website.  They also have a railroad in front of the mansion so you know I had to use that in my pictures when you have a superhero!

I know that there is a lot of controversy on who is the coolest superhero.  I have to say that my personal favorite is Batman.  He has a motorcycle, batmobile and plane!  He also has that cool belt!

When I meet with the bride she was so excited about all the details and to tell you the truth I was too!  She told me how the groomsmen were going to be wearing different superhero shirts under their tuxes and then she said each bridesmaid had a matching superhero garter.  So when it came to the to do their portrait I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the bat couple!  I took them to the one place where all damsels get rescued which is the railroad tracks.  I got up high on my ladder so I can get the most out of the railroad tracks and came up with the shot you see. I just fell in love with the couple and the photo.  They were just the best!  I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I did taking it.  Like I always say it is such an honor to be a Atlanta wedding photographer.

I hope that you enjoy the photo as much as I did taking it.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Engagement Photography in Atlanta by AtlantaArtisticWeddings


Piedmont Park Atlanta Georgia Engagement Photography by

It is a great honor to be a Atlanta wedding photographer. Once again I am sharing how much I love doing engagement sessions.  It gets everyone comfortable with each other.  The couples get to know the photographer and the wedding photographer gets to know the couple.  He gets to know what makes the client comfortable and how to put them at ease.  I love walking around Atlanta and pointing out landmarks and getting to know people before the wedding.  There are so many locations in Atlanta to take engagement photos.

 One of the many great things about Atlanta is the many parks and historic properties which make a beautiful back drop for you engagement photography.  There is Piedmont park which is a combination of both historic property and beautiful park.  Piedmont Park has a rich history that spans over the course of nearly two hundred years. Since 1822, Piedmont Park has continuously evolved, changing hands in the process, and going through several phases, first from a forest to a farm, then to a fairground and suburban park, and finally to the urban park that it is today.  Through out the park there are remnants to majestic history.  You can still see the Stone Balestrade form the Cotton State and International Exposition in 1895.    You are also using part of the trails from the Omstead Brother master plan for Piedmont Park form 1912.  You can walk over the park Drive Bridge built in 1916 to provide residents of the developing neighborhoods east of the park more access.

I have made a map of some of the more popular photo locations around Atlanta.  There is the Krog Street Tunnel if you want some graffiti and a more urban feel, the is West side Provision District, The Old Fourth Ward.    A lot of people use Stone Mountain Park which has a lot of locations within the park. There is Sweetwater Creek State Park where you have some reminants of historic structures there.  There is like I said the jewels of the city Piedmont Park and Centennial Olympic Park.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Insight from a Atlanta Wedding Photographer on Engagement Photography

by Atlanta Wedding Photographer at

Atlanta Wedding Photographer at Engagement Photos

I love engagement photography.  It is a way for everyone to get to know each other.  It is the main reason I include it in all my wedding packages.  Everyone will tell you that your best photos are when you are relaxed.  If you did a engagement session the photographer is not a stranger.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I find it very helpful to have some insight to the couple getting married.  When I am doing an engagement session it is very casual.  I will spend more time talking to the couple than actually taking photos.  By doing that you find out what the couple is comfortable with and what their likes and dislikes are.  You finding out the best way to serve them their wedding photography needs.  You will find out the important people that should be included in their wedding photographs.  The important family members their favorite grandparents.

The main purpose for the photographer in these sessions is to put the couple at ease.  The photographer will have some insight on how to serve them on their wedding day.  It also helps the couple become comfortable around a wedding photographer and a camera.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Atlanta wedding photographer at Emory University

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

 Lullwater Park at Emory University is a great find for Atlanta wedding photographers

Thank you so much for stopping by.  This week I am going to talk about Lullwater Park at Emory University.  There is a mill race and a two-story powerhouse tower is constructed in a octagonal shape. It now stands open to the sky above, ivy climbing skyward across its stone walls.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I just love this place.  I had the chance to shot there a few weeks ago.  I have heard of the park but have not shot there before.  The bride suggested the park to me.  I am always open to ideas and was excited to shot somewhere new!

I have made a google map of the park location below.  It is a great place to visit!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Engagement Photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

Wedding Photographers at

Engagement Photography at Emory University by Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

This week I had the honor of doing wedding photography at Villa Christina in Atlanta.  The couple were great!  They were just so thoughtful towards each other.  They were so fun!

When you book with a Atlanta wedding photographers at  the engagement session is included.   I love the engagement session! It is a low key photo session.  It is a great opportunity to meet their Atlanta wedding photographer and the photographer gets to know the couple.  We all know that the best photos are when you are relaxed.  This was especially true for this couple.  They just so cool!  Sometimes I give the couple some ideas on posing.  When I let the couple be their selves was when we got the best engagement photos.  When I would just stand to the side and not say anything that was when they would laugh and have a great time.  You can see from the photograph that they are so in love! 

The photography was at Emory University.  While I have shot many weddings at the Emory Conference Center, The Houston Mill House and the Miller-Ward Alumni House I have never been to Lullwater Park.  What a surprise it was.  It is a beautiful park with a water fall, historic house, mill remnants and lake.  There just so many great places for photography.  In the photo above you we used the suspended bridge over the creek.  I would suggest this park if you want to run around the trails or just for a great little afternoon adventure with the kids.

Congrats to this wonderful couple!!  I want to thank the couple and you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the wedding photos as much as I did taking them.  I would love to hear from you.  You can contact me at my webpage at or email me at

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Atlanta Artistic Weddings Is honored to photograph Beautiful Wedding at Taylor-Brawner Hall

Wedding Photography by

Atlanta Wedding Photography at Taylor-Brawner Hall

As a Atlanta Wedding photographer I get to shoot at a lot of Historic Wedding Venues.  This week I hod the honor of shooting a beautiful southern wedding at Taylor-Brawner Hall.  It is located at 3180 Atlanta Rd SE, Smyrna, GA 30080.  This beautiful historic property is nestled in a huge manicured lawn.  It is owned by the city of Smyrna and the building has a unique history.

In 2009, the City of Smyrna returned an historic local landmark to full functionality. Brawner Hall opened as a mental health hospital in 1910, but the facility had stood vacant since the 1990s. After a complete rehabilitation involving selective demolition and reconstruction, the two-story Greek Revival style facility now provides office space for two City departments, training classrooms, and rooms for rent. Available spaces include a stately Reception Room, two smaller Studio Rooms, and a Conference Room. 

I can not say enough nice things about the staff there.  Tim was so gracious and welcomed the guests and supported the vendors to make a wonderful wedding with out a hitch.  But what really makes a wedding is the wedding party and guests. They were so fun!!!! This Atlanta wedding photographer is honored to be part of such a special day at such a special location.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Weddings in Atlanta with Natural Lighting by

Natural Lighting Wedding Photography by

Natural Wedding Photography by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Well it is now officially Atlanta Hot!  That means when you get out side you are going to sweat and be uncomfortable.  I feel for my Atlanta brides!  They are asked to look beautiful and it is over 90  degrees outside and they are wearing a very formal dress with many layers.

That is why I try to shoot as quickly and naturally as possible.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer am not going to let a bride sit outside for too long just for me to set up a shoot.  As I have said in just about all my posts I am just looking for the light.  When it is time for the shoot I have my location already picked out and I am ready to go.  I don't even think of taking the bride outside until I have the location scouted and I have checked out the light.   The best wedding photography is when the bride is relaxed and comfortable.

On this particular wedding shoot I was lucky enough to have scouted the location out weeks before.  It was located on a private horse farm.  The bride and her family could not have been more gracious.  When I brought out the bride I took her to a location where there were no distractions in the background and placed against the sun.  That is where the natural back lighting is accruing.  I got down low so we could have some of the tall grass in the foreground.  This is easily one of my favorite photos and it was so easy to do.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Atlanta Artistic Weddings will be at the Bridal Show at the Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech August 6, 2015 will be at the August 6th Bridal Show at the Hist Historic Academy of Medicine

   Come to the Bridal Show at the Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech August 6th 2015

 Well I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of the June 6th Bridal Show to be held at The Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech.  It is located at 875 W Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. You can use the map below.  I hope that you come on by and say hi!  You will be able to tour a wonderful historic Atlanta wedding event facility.  There will be wedding tips and some of Atlanta's best wedding vendors there to help in you.  It is a one stop shop for all your wedding needs!

You can learn more about the facility by visiting their facebook page at :
  The Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech
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Atlanta Wedding Photography with Candle Light by

Atlanta Wedding Photographers at use Candle for Wedding Photography

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Uses Candle Light for Wedding Photography

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am a lover of light.  Remember that photography means "light drawing".  I always try to use existing light because it looks more natural.  It is also less detracting than using a harsh flash during a intimate moment.  I  had the honor of photographing a Atlanta wedding that was done by candle light.  It was a beautiful ceremony and very intimate moment.   The candles gave a wonderful glow and lighting source for the wedding ceremony.  The bride and groom each had a candle so when he put the ring on the brides finger it their lighting source was at the center of the action.  I just love the newer cameras!  They let you shoot in lower light situations that a couple of years ago that would have been impossible.  

It is such an honor being a Atlanta wedding photographer.   You get to see so many different cultures and wedding venues.  Each one is unique and beautiful.  When you get to shoot as many Atlanta weddings as I have you get a deep appreciation of the people that groups that make up our international city of cultures.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Favorite Wedding Photo for Perfect Timing by

The Rice Ceremony During Indian Wedding by

 Why I Love Atlanta Wedding Photography

In my past blogs I love natural lighting and the creative influence of my folk artist father.  I have been thinking about this a while now.   In this blog I am going to cover why I love Atlanta wedding photography

When I first started in photography I just love the art of capturing light with my camera and making a image. While I am always looking for great light.  One of the main things I look for is real emotion at a wedding.  When I capture a truly candid moment at a Atlanta wedding it still gives me chills.  The more weddings I shoot the more I know where to place myself to capture the important moments wedding.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have honed my skills to capture the emotion of a wedding.  The little moments of the day that the bride and groom will always remember. When I show a bride and groom their photos it is the candid photography that shows emotion are their favorites.

 The photo above is from a Atlanta Indian wedding shot at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta.   I had shoot a few Indian weddings before so I knew the ceremony rituals.  One of my favorite beautiful part of the wedding is the rice ceremony.  The rice is a important part of the Indian culture.  In Hinduism, rice holds great spiritual and ritual significance as it is a staple of the Indian diet. Because of its basic life-sustaining qualities, rice is revered as a potent symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and fertility and therefore is used extensively in Hindu rites and rituals. During a wedding the rice is sprinkled on the bride and grooms head to bless them and to be used as a symbol of prosperity.   During the this Atlanta wedding when it came the time for the rice ceremony I placed my self behind the bride and groom that way I got the guests and family in the shoot.  I also  put my assistant with a remote flash in front to back light them. So when the time came I was going to be ready!  What I did not plan on was that bride grabbed the whole tray of rice and poured on it on the grooms head!  You can tell by the everyone's reaction that they were surprised.  In that moment this Atlanta wedding photographer caught a special moment in their wedding that the the guests and wedding party will remember forever!

This is why I love being a Atlanta wedding photographer.  I get to capture the candid and intimate moments that a bride and groom will cherish for ever.  Every time I capture a wedding the essence of person or couple I am re-energized and remember why I love Atlanta wedding photography.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Folk Artist Father Frank Diener from Greenville, North Carolina by

Frank Diener was my dad.  I will have to say he was my biggest creative influence.  He was such a character and institution in Greenville, North Carolina.  Though out my life he was always working on his model circus.  It had entertainers and exotic animals.  Each one as he would say was made from the best packing creates and scrap wood he could find.  He literally would make all of the circus pieces from what ever he could find.  The main on the horses were from my sisters hair after she got a hair cut.  The leather for the tail from the elephants were from scraps from a shoe repair shop down the road from our bakery.

I still don't know how he found the time to make all these pieces.  There were hundreds of carvings of animals, circus wagons and performers.  He ran a Diener's Bakery getting up at 4:30 am every morning to get it ready to make the donuts.  He would sleep in on Sundays till 7am and then went in to work to fix things that he did not have time to fix during the week.  He also ran a concession stand for the East Carolina University at during football and basketball seasons.  On top of all of that he raised 4 kids. Now if that doesn't just make you tired I don't know what will.

When I went to college one of the courses touched on folk art.  The whole time I was thinking my dad is a folk artist.  We never called him that he was always just Frank Diener my dad.  The eccentric dad who would pick me up in the bakery truck wearing a pith helmet.  He would always be surrounded by carvings he was working on.  Maybe a half a elephant or working on the details of a clown.  When I brought up that he was a folk artist he just laughed and said he is just a guy doing what he loves to do. 

He had some notoriety around Greenville for his carvings.  In around 1995 or so he started getting some attention from all around the state.  He was invited to the North Carolina Museum of Art when they were exhibiting folk artists from around the state.  While there he was contacted from his old school North Carolina State University.  After some conversations they put together a show of all his pieces at the NCSU Museum of Design.  This is where this video was taken.

As you can see from the video that I could not be more proud of my dad.  He is still the most influential people in my life.  He taught me hard work and that art is also a craft that you need to work on constantly to excel at.  I hope you enjoy this video and the small homage to Frank Diener.

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