Friday, January 9, 2015

Historic Wedding Venues in Roswell, Ga | Wedding Photography by

Below is a map of some of the historic wedding venues that Atlanta Artistic Weddings has had the honor of being the wedding photographer for.

One of the great things of being a wedding photographer in Atlanta is that you get to work at some wonderful historic wedding venues.   There are several great wedding venues around that area.  The wedding photograph taken at night was at Naylor Hall.  It a classic southern mansion with a beautiful long drive way leading up to the entrance.  The Garden at Great Oaks is a historic wedding venue with a home that is actually so historically accurate that doubles as a museum and you can take tours!  Roswell Founders Hall has a beautiful setting.  It has a long walk way to the main entrance to the large columns in front. Roswell Mill Club has a large parking area and when you walk down you can see the covered bridge and there is a trail to the mill ruins.

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