Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wedding at The Solarium at Old Scottish Rite | Photography by

I wanted to share with another historic wedding venue in AtlantaThe Solarium is a historic wedding venue located at 321 West Hill Street, Decatur, Georgia.   It is in the middle of the Oakhurst Village o f Decatur.  It was designed in 1918 by architect Neel Reid.  It was part of the of the series of buildings at the Old Scottish Rite.  The other support buildings are still there.  The Solarium is a elegant backdrop for you weddings.  It has that historic charm that I love.  As you can tell from all my posts that I just love the historic architecture of the south.  The Solarium has these huge windows in front and that let in the most beautiful natural light.  The convenient location and natural light make for a wonderful location for your wedding. 

I want to say what it was for Atlanta Artistic Weddings to shoot this couple's wedding there.  They could not have been more thoughtful towards each other.  They are such a wonderful couple!

I want to congrats to this wonderful couple!

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donyfarc said...

Beautiful images! I want to congratulate to this wonderful couple! I also like the images of this wedding location venue; it was an amazing wedding post! Thanks you so much for sharing Atlanta Artistic Weddings.

alfred03white said...

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