Thursday, February 5, 2015

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography by

Classic Artistic Wedding Photography by

I just love classic wedding photography.  This black and white photo that I did could have been yesterday or 50 years ago.   The dress has a timeless feel and the black tux does also.  This was a great couple who got married at Chateau Elan outside of Atlanta.  We went outside and took advantage of the vinyard they have there.  When you look at the photo it looks like it could have been taken in the Napa Valley or in Champagne, France.  That is why I chose to give the wedding photograph the black and white feel.

When I edit a photo I try not to over edit.  There is a tendacy today with all the editing software to over edit.  I don't want my wedding photography to be trendy but a classic that you will be proud to share for years to come.

As you visit my site I do hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I did taking them. It is such an honor being a wedding photographer in Atlanta.

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