Thursday, March 12, 2015

Map of Photo Locations and Engagement Photography by

Have fun at Your Engagement Photo Shoot by Atlanta Artistic Weddings!  

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Wedding Photography by

I hope everyone is well.  This post on photography I am going to stress the most important thing for the best wedding photography or best engagement photography.  It is to have fun!!!  I am not going to flatter myself when I ask someone to smile it is going to be their best smile.  Their best smile comes from when they are genuinely have a great time and sharing a moment with someone they love.  When I am doing a engagement shoot what I want to do is put the bride and groom at ease.  Get to know them and introduce myself to them so that I can put them at ease.  That way when the wedding day comes I will be David their wedding photographer not some guy with a camera following them around.  They can trust me to do the best photography I can on their wedding day.

As you can tell from this photograph they are a couple that enjoy each other and are very much in love.  This is one of those spur of the moment shots.  This was early on in the photo session and the lipstick was fresh.  She gave him a sweet little kiss on the check and she noticed that some of her lipstick was left on his cheek.  What happened is this great unposed photo of two people in love having fun!  I just love the lipstick!  What a great mark of affection.

I am also including a little map for all you bride and grooms to be of photo locations for your save the date photos around Atlanta.   There are many great locations through out Atlanta.  You can click on the map and get directions and info for each location.  If you have some locations that are not on the map please let me know and I will be happy to add them so other people will know.

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