Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wedding Photography at Inman Park Church Atlanta by

Great Wedding at Inman Park Atlanta and Inman Park Church

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at
Atlanta Wedding Photography by

It is that time of year when wedding photography is in full swing.   This photo was taken at the Inman Park United Methodist Church.  As many of you know that I am a big supporter of historic preservation.  I would like to share with you one of the real gems in Atlanta.  The Inman Park Church his a historic church that is located int Atlanta's first "Garden Suburb".

The church was dedicated on April 17th, 1898.  The granite that makes up the church came locally from Stone Mountain.  Designed by Willis Franklin Denny, II in a Romanesque style.  Among the other Atlanta landmarks that Mr. Denny has designed are First United Methodist Church, Rhodes Hall and St. Mark United Methodist Church.

The church is not only beautiful but has some of the most wonderful people in it.  They are a generous group who support many Atlanta out reach organizations.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Favorite Part of a Wedding by

The Wedding Toast and My Favorite Part of a Atlanta Wedding

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at AtlantaArtisticWeddings
Great Wedding Toast From a Dear Friend Wedding Photography by

The more I shoot weddings the more I look forward to the toast.  You get to know the bride and groom and their friends.  There has been many of a toast that I myself have gotten a little teary.  It is great testament to a couple when they have all these great people wanting to toast them.  They are usually very shy and don't want to get up in front of people but they face their fears and get up and testify on their love for the couple.

In the photos above you can see in her eyes how much she loves that bride.  If you look close enough you can see the years friendship they have shared. You can also see the carefully written notes in her hand but I think her expression and look says it all.

At this Atlanta wedding the couple was just so thoughtful.  They were truly blessed with such wonderful friends and family.  All of them wanting to toast to their love for them and their future together.  The brides dad had the best toast I have heard in a long time and it even made this ol' Atlanta wedding photographer tear up a little. Yep my favorite part of the wedding is the toast....

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Rustic Wedding in Roswell Georgia by

Rustic Wedding at Wonderful Atlanta Wedding Venue

Rustic Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia by

Roswell is a small town north of Atlanta.  It is the home of some great restaurants and wonderful historic wedding venues.  There are some great historic southern mansions which have been converted to wedding venues.  There are also a set of wonderful restaurants off the Roswell Square. One the restaurants is Roswell Provisions and Le Bistro.  It is a charming shop in the heart of the shopping district there.  Roswell Provisions is a fine gourmet store with great pricing! They offer patak meat, wines by the bottle, over 100 cheeses, local products and other food related items! The bottom has great selection of wines and gift baskets.  The upstairs bistro has a restaurant and porch that over hangs the shopping district that is perfect for having a cocktail and enjoying the area.

This is one of the most thoughtful couples the wanted a intimate wedding at the bistro upstairs.  The people at the restaurant had some of the greatest people working there.  They could not have been more gracious and helpful.

Everything came together to make for a great rustic wedding in Atlanta!  The day before the wedding the weatherman called for a 100 percent chance of rain.  2 hours before the photo shoot the rain stopped and we did not see another drop.  The lighting was perfect for the photography.  The couple was truly blessed with a great day, wonderful friends and wonderful family to make for a great wedding.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fun Wedding Photography in Atlanta, Georgia

Having a fun with your wedding photography

Atlanta Wedding Photography by

I love wedding photography!  I consider it a great honor when chosen to photograph a wedding.   When photographing a wedding you have to plan and research the wedding venue and the event.  you also have to be open to other photo opportunities that may present their self to you on the wedding day.

When I meet this couple they were just so nice and had some great ideas on photos for the big day.  They wanted to have a 1930's themed wedding. So they wore suspenders and khaki suits.  The bride wore a beautiful gown and classic veil. The groom's uncle had a classic 40's pickup truck.

On the wedding day I saw that classic truck and just knew that it was a great photo op!  We started the photos and started playing around with the truck.  I saw the bride in the mirror and bam! I just knew what I wanted to do.  I saw how the mirror framed her face and worked with her veil.  The above wedding portrait is the result.  I hope you enjoy this wedding photograph as much as I did taking.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Sparkler Exit at a Historic Wedding Venue in Georgia by

I just love the Historic Gwinnett Courthouse and Wedding Sparkler Exits

Wedding photographer by

Wedding photography by

This weekend we had a great wedding!  It was a wonderful couple.  The bride and groom were just so thoughtful!  It was great weather all day!  The wedding was held at the Historic Gwinnett Courthouse.  The Bride wore a tasteful column cut dress and the groomsmen wore the classic black tux.  The bridesmaids wore pleated red dresses that were cut a little different on each bridesmaid.  They looked just beautiful.

During the time of the reception right after sunset which is called the blue hour.  I saw all the bridesmaids sitting together.  So I asked them if they could help me out with a photo for the couple. They could not have been more supportive.  I keep some long sparklers in my tripod case and gave each one a sparkler.  I put my camera on a tripod and let them send a special message to the couple.  The photo above is what resulted.  I want to thank the bridesmaids for all their help.  I hope that you enjoy the photo as much as I did taking it.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Classic Documentary Black and White Wedding Photography by

Bride Going to get Married in Atlanta in a Limo Ride Documented with  Classic Black and White Wedding Photography

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography by

As you read my blogs the one thread that goes through everyone of them is that it is an honor being a wedding photographer in Atlanta.   It is a an honor to photograph the special day of all these bride and grooms.  I chose this photo because you can just see the excitement in this brides face.  She was so sweet and thoughtful.  The shot is from the mirror on the way to her  home to get the final touches on her make up.  The other reason I chose this photo it is a classic black and white

Also as you read my wedding photography blog you will notice how much I love photography!  I am always looking for light and angles that are interesting and fun.  I also am always looking for emotion in photography.  The emotion and excitement can not be denied in this photo.  Just look in to those eyes and you can see she is ready for the day and to get married!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Sparkler Wedding Exit photography by

Sparkler Exit and Classic Car Wedding Photography Exit by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Sparkler Exit in Atlanta wedding photography by

Wedding photography is so much fun!  I love it when a couple add unique details to their wedding.  This couple wanted a classic 1930's style wedding.  The them was carried over on to the wedding dress, bridesmaids, and the groomsmen.  The bridesmaids wore a just below the knee cut blue dress with  pleats. The men wore a light beige almost khaki colored sports coats with suspenders.

What everyone commented on was there exit.  The groom had a uncle with a classic 1940's pick truck  restored by hand.  The pick up truck was restored to an immaculate condition.  It had the wood lined truck bed in the back and that is where the couple wanted to do their exit.   It was a rainy day but the rain stopped just when we had to take wedding photos.  What perfect timing!  This couple were so thoughtful and wonderful.  During the exit they jumped in the back of the truck and were surrounded by there family and friends with sparklers.  I could not think of another better send off for this couple!

It is such an honor being wedding photographer in Atlanta.  I get to witness such great couples and beautiful weddings.  I love the wedding exit, toasts and all the wonderful brides!

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Classic Black and White Large Format Photography by David Diener

Photographer David Diener from New South Associates at Hassel Island in Saint Thomas Virgin Islands

I recently had the honor of doing HABS (Historical American Building Survey) project in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  We were documenting the several historic resources on the Island located in the south of the island in between Long Bay and Baye de Grigri.    The island has Creque Marine Railway remnants, Remnants of the Leprosarium, Shipley's Batery, Historic Barge, Lime Kiln Brondsted and Company Wharf, 1801 British Officers' Quarters, Garrison House, Prince Frederik's Battery Cowells Battery and Signal Station, 1801 British Barracks Complex, and  the Hazzell Family Cemetery.

The photo above is taken at Shipley's Battery at the Guard House.  Around 1801  British occupation began of the British West Indies as a result of the French Revolutionary Wars and Denmark joining the League of Armed Neutrality. In  1780, Lieutenant Peter Lotharius Oxholm completed a large mapping project in the Danish West Indies.  From his surveys, he evaluated possible key sites for fortifications on Hassel Island.  Oxholm’s recommendations noted the north and south peaks of the peninsula, as well as the southeastern tip, then known as Magen’s Point, as strategic defensive locations.  By 1780, Prince Frederik’s Battery is visible on maps  Oxholm’s two other designated locations were utilized more than twenty years later by occupying British forces like Shipley's Battery.

New South Associates had the honor of doing the HABS photography and history portion of several historic sites and forts on Hassel Island.  With a project of this magnitude it would not be possible with out a the coordination and of hard work of many teams.  The historian from New South Associates was David Price with the supervision of the HABS project was done by Dr. Joe Joseph and Mary Beth Reed.  I must also give a big thanks to the Park Service, local historians/preservation advocates such Charles Consolovo who's and generous hospitality, passion, insight, input and support this project would not be possible!  I would also give a pirate shout out to Captain Alan Wentworth and his crew for the logistical support which was can not be under appreciated.  One more big thank you would to to Roberto Mentecon at Atkins Global who started out as a partner on the project to a great friend and to Rob Yallop and the team at at Lord Aeck Sargent which none of this would be possible.   I can not thank everyone enough and emphasize how much I appreciated everyone that I came in to contact with on this project.  Everyone were so supportive passionate, and professional through out the whole project.  It was truly a honor and adventure I will never forget.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wedding Details are Everything by

The brides bouquet is the most important flower detail of great wedding photography

wedding photographers

One of the first things I ask to see when I am at a wedding is to see the bouquet.  These flower arrangements have a lot of thought going in to them and have great details.  They are often adorned with personal moments.  I have seen lockets of loved ones on a bouquet.  In this particular bouquet there is a piece of broach jewelry from the family attached to it.   It is a great remembrance for those who are not able to be at the wedding or to pay homage to a beloved family member.  These details can not be underestimated in their meaning to the bride and family.

I just love this photo for a couple of reasons.   One the detail of this wonderful broach just brings you in to the photo but is not a over powering detail added to the bouquet.  I also love the setting and dream like quality to  the background.  You get the cut of her dress and the old southern charm of the wedding facility.

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David Diener