Friday, April 10, 2015

Classic Black and White Large Format Photography by David Diener

Photographer David Diener from New South Associates at Hassel Island in Saint Thomas Virgin Islands

I recently had the honor of doing HABS (Historical American Building Survey) project in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  We were documenting the several historic resources on the Island located in the south of the island in between Long Bay and Baye de Grigri.    The island has Creque Marine Railway remnants, Remnants of the Leprosarium, Shipley's Batery, Historic Barge, Lime Kiln Brondsted and Company Wharf, 1801 British Officers' Quarters, Garrison House, Prince Frederik's Battery Cowells Battery and Signal Station, 1801 British Barracks Complex, and  the Hazzell Family Cemetery.

The photo above is taken at Shipley's Battery at the Guard House.  Around 1801  British occupation began of the British West Indies as a result of the French Revolutionary Wars and Denmark joining the League of Armed Neutrality. In  1780, Lieutenant Peter Lotharius Oxholm completed a large mapping project in the Danish West Indies.  From his surveys, he evaluated possible key sites for fortifications on Hassel Island.  Oxholm’s recommendations noted the north and south peaks of the peninsula, as well as the southeastern tip, then known as Magen’s Point, as strategic defensive locations.  By 1780, Prince Frederik’s Battery is visible on maps  Oxholm’s two other designated locations were utilized more than twenty years later by occupying British forces like Shipley's Battery.

New South Associates had the honor of doing the HABS photography and history portion of several historic sites and forts on Hassel Island.  With a project of this magnitude it would not be possible with out a the coordination and of hard work of many teams.  The historian from New South Associates was David Price with the supervision of the HABS project was done by Dr. Joe Joseph and Mary Beth Reed.  I must also give a big thanks to the Park Service, local historians/preservation advocates such Charles Consolovo who's and generous hospitality, passion, insight, input and support this project would not be possible!  I would also give a pirate shout out to Captain Alan Wentworth and his crew for the logistical support which was can not be under appreciated.  One more big thank you would to to Roberto Mentecon at Atkins Global who started out as a partner on the project to a great friend and to Rob Yallop and the team at at Lord Aeck Sargent which none of this would be possible.   I can not thank everyone enough and emphasize how much I appreciated everyone that I came in to contact with on this project.  Everyone were so supportive passionate, and professional through out the whole project.  It was truly a honor and adventure I will never forget.

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