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Rustic Wedding in Roswell Georgia by

Rustic Wedding at Wonderful Atlanta Wedding Venue

Rustic Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia by

Roswell is a small town north of Atlanta.  It is the home of some great restaurants and wonderful historic wedding venues.  There are some great historic southern mansions which have been converted to wedding venues.  There are also a set of wonderful restaurants off the Roswell Square. One the restaurants is Roswell Provisions and Le Bistro.  It is a charming shop in the heart of the shopping district there.  Roswell Provisions is a fine gourmet store with great pricing! They offer patak meat, wines by the bottle, over 100 cheeses, local products and other food related items! The bottom has great selection of wines and gift baskets.  The upstairs bistro has a restaurant and porch that over hangs the shopping district that is perfect for having a cocktail and enjoying the area.

This is one of the most thoughtful couples the wanted a intimate wedding at the bistro upstairs.  The people at the restaurant had some of the greatest people working there.  They could not have been more gracious and helpful.

Everything came together to make for a great rustic wedding in Atlanta!  The day before the wedding the weatherman called for a 100 percent chance of rain.  2 hours before the photo shoot the rain stopped and we did not see another drop.  The lighting was perfect for the photography.  The couple was truly blessed with a great day, wonderful friends and wonderful family to make for a great wedding.

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