Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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The brides bouquet is the most important flower detail of great wedding photography

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One of the first things I ask to see when I am at a wedding is to see the bouquet.  These flower arrangements have a lot of thought going in to them and have great details.  They are often adorned with personal moments.  I have seen lockets of loved ones on a bouquet.  In this particular bouquet there is a piece of broach jewelry from the family attached to it.   It is a great remembrance for those who are not able to be at the wedding or to pay homage to a beloved family member.  These details can not be underestimated in their meaning to the bride and family.

I just love this photo for a couple of reasons.   One the detail of this wonderful broach just brings you in to the photo but is not a over powering detail added to the bouquet.  I also love the setting and dream like quality to  the background.  You get the cut of her dress and the old southern charm of the wedding facility.

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