Thursday, June 25, 2015

Google Photos and Wedding at Piedmont park by

Wedding Photography by and Google Photos

New Google Photos Application and

I don't know if any one is aware but Google has launched a new service called Google Photos.  You can up load as many of the photos as you may like there.  You can then access all your photos and videos from one place.  It will automatically categorize your photos by time, location and scans for subject also.  So you can search for "Atlanta Wedding" or "Peidmont Park" and you will find all the photos that shot in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia or even search by Weddings at Park Tavern, Atlanta, Georgia and you might get one of the wedding photos from above. One of the other features of the new google application is that it will automatically make animated gifs for some of your photos.    Upload a sequence of five or more photos and get a fun, animated GIF like you see here shot by

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