Friday, June 26, 2015

Google Photos New Application is Great by

Google Photo Animation with wedding photography by

Google Photo is a Wonderful App for Professional Photographers too!

I am always going to try the latest Google apps when they come out.  Especially if it is a photography app! Well I have uploaded over 30000 photos to the my Google Photos.  I have uploaded past weddings to see what would happen. I am really putting the program through it's paces.  While I have uploaded a ton of photos I have has been easy to get to them.  I do how ever wish that I could make folders or subcategories for some of my photos so I could better organize them.  I have know that the app has been out for a short while so hopefully it will become a feature of the app.  One of the cool things that happened when I uploaded the files to Google Photos was that it automatically made some animated GIFs.  Some of them came out quite well like the Atlanta Wedding photograph above by   I would suggest checking out the new google app if you are professional photographer or hobbyist.

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