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This week I shoot a beautiful Atlanta Wedding in Alpharetta, Georgia.  The bride wore a ball gown cut dress with a tasteful train.  She also wore a beautiful string of pearls with a red rose bouquet. Her bridesmaids wore floor length chiffon mauve colored dresses witch matched the mauve colored ties.  The back of their dresses had a slight lattice cut back.  

We went to a open field where we could get a natural setting and some great light for photography.  The bridal party were fun and sassy.  They are the just the bridal party that I love!!  As you can see they were relaxed and just enjoying the day and up for any ideas that come their way.  The best photographs and portraits happen when you are relaxed and they were just that. 

I love this photograph for a couple of reasons.  Number one is the great bridal party.  Number two is the the great Atlanta couple.  Number 3 is the great light and last but not least is the natural setting.  It gives the photos a nice airy feel that you just can't get every day.  I lot of things come together to make the Atlanta wedding photograph to come together.  One is the weather which is something you can't control and the other is a great attitude!

As you visit my site I do hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I did taking them. It is such an honor being a wedding photographer in Atlanta.


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Unknown said...

Excellent wedding portrait!! Thank you so much for sharing this article. I love the way you described each and every detail of this wedding. Atlanta is an exotic location to get married. But I would prefer having the indoor wedding at SF event venues.