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Atlanta Artistic Weddings will be at the Bridal Show at the Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech August 6, 2015 will be at the August 6th Bridal Show at the Hist Historic Academy of Medicine

   Come to the Bridal Show at the Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech August 6th 2015

 Well I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of the June 6th Bridal Show to be held at The Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech.  It is located at 875 W Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. You can use the map below.  I hope that you come on by and say hi!  You will be able to tour a wonderful historic Atlanta wedding event facility.  There will be wedding tips and some of Atlanta's best wedding vendors there to help in you.  It is a one stop shop for all your wedding needs!

You can learn more about the facility by visiting their facebook page at :
  The Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech
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Atlanta Wedding Photography with Candle Light by

Atlanta Wedding Photographers at use Candle for Wedding Photography

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Uses Candle Light for Wedding Photography

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am a lover of light.  Remember that photography means "light drawing".  I always try to use existing light because it looks more natural.  It is also less detracting than using a harsh flash during a intimate moment.  I  had the honor of photographing a Atlanta wedding that was done by candle light.  It was a beautiful ceremony and very intimate moment.   The candles gave a wonderful glow and lighting source for the wedding ceremony.  The bride and groom each had a candle so when he put the ring on the brides finger it their lighting source was at the center of the action.  I just love the newer cameras!  They let you shoot in lower light situations that a couple of years ago that would have been impossible.  

It is such an honor being a Atlanta wedding photographer.   You get to see so many different cultures and wedding venues.  Each one is unique and beautiful.  When you get to shoot as many Atlanta weddings as I have you get a deep appreciation of the people that groups that make up our international city of cultures.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Favorite Wedding Photo for Perfect Timing by

The Rice Ceremony During Indian Wedding by

 Why I Love Atlanta Wedding Photography

In my past blogs I love natural lighting and the creative influence of my folk artist father.  I have been thinking about this a while now.   In this blog I am going to cover why I love Atlanta wedding photography

When I first started in photography I just love the art of capturing light with my camera and making a image. While I am always looking for great light.  One of the main things I look for is real emotion at a wedding.  When I capture a truly candid moment at a Atlanta wedding it still gives me chills.  The more weddings I shoot the more I know where to place myself to capture the important moments wedding.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have honed my skills to capture the emotion of a wedding.  The little moments of the day that the bride and groom will always remember. When I show a bride and groom their photos it is the candid photography that shows emotion are their favorites.

 The photo above is from a Atlanta Indian wedding shot at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta.   I had shoot a few Indian weddings before so I knew the ceremony rituals.  One of my favorite beautiful part of the wedding is the rice ceremony.  The rice is a important part of the Indian culture.  In Hinduism, rice holds great spiritual and ritual significance as it is a staple of the Indian diet. Because of its basic life-sustaining qualities, rice is revered as a potent symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and fertility and therefore is used extensively in Hindu rites and rituals. During a wedding the rice is sprinkled on the bride and grooms head to bless them and to be used as a symbol of prosperity.   During the this Atlanta wedding when it came the time for the rice ceremony I placed my self behind the bride and groom that way I got the guests and family in the shoot.  I also  put my assistant with a remote flash in front to back light them. So when the time came I was going to be ready!  What I did not plan on was that bride grabbed the whole tray of rice and poured on it on the grooms head!  You can tell by the everyone's reaction that they were surprised.  In that moment this Atlanta wedding photographer caught a special moment in their wedding that the the guests and wedding party will remember forever!

This is why I love being a Atlanta wedding photographer.  I get to capture the candid and intimate moments that a bride and groom will cherish for ever.  Every time I capture a wedding the essence of person or couple I am re-energized and remember why I love Atlanta wedding photography.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Folk Artist Father Frank Diener from Greenville, North Carolina by

Frank Diener was my dad.  I will have to say he was my biggest creative influence.  He was such a character and institution in Greenville, North Carolina.  Though out my life he was always working on his model circus.  It had entertainers and exotic animals.  Each one as he would say was made from the best packing creates and scrap wood he could find.  He literally would make all of the circus pieces from what ever he could find.  The main on the horses were from my sisters hair after she got a hair cut.  The leather for the tail from the elephants were from scraps from a shoe repair shop down the road from our bakery.

I still don't know how he found the time to make all these pieces.  There were hundreds of carvings of animals, circus wagons and performers.  He ran a Diener's Bakery getting up at 4:30 am every morning to get it ready to make the donuts.  He would sleep in on Sundays till 7am and then went in to work to fix things that he did not have time to fix during the week.  He also ran a concession stand for the East Carolina University at during football and basketball seasons.  On top of all of that he raised 4 kids. Now if that doesn't just make you tired I don't know what will.

When I went to college one of the courses touched on folk art.  The whole time I was thinking my dad is a folk artist.  We never called him that he was always just Frank Diener my dad.  The eccentric dad who would pick me up in the bakery truck wearing a pith helmet.  He would always be surrounded by carvings he was working on.  Maybe a half a elephant or working on the details of a clown.  When I brought up that he was a folk artist he just laughed and said he is just a guy doing what he loves to do. 

He had some notoriety around Greenville for his carvings.  In around 1995 or so he started getting some attention from all around the state.  He was invited to the North Carolina Museum of Art when they were exhibiting folk artists from around the state.  While there he was contacted from his old school North Carolina State University.  After some conversations they put together a show of all his pieces at the NCSU Museum of Design.  This is where this video was taken.

As you can see from the video that I could not be more proud of my dad.  He is still the most influential people in my life.  He taught me hard work and that art is also a craft that you need to work on constantly to excel at.  I hope you enjoy this video and the small homage to Frank Diener.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Natural Lighting and Artistic Wedding Photography

photography by Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Natural Lighting Makes the Best Wedding Photography

I am a fan of classic wedding photography and natural light.  It is rare when all this comes together.  I wanted to share with you one of my favorite weddings. This couple was great!  They were so much fun and open to ideas.  They so deeply in love! 

One of the things about shooting with natural light is looking for the best angles for the shot.   This day everything was working for me.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I know too well that some times the weather does not always cooperate.  This day we had the perfect weather.  We had the wonderful weather and had these great sort of "Simpsons" clouds that were so puffy and floated around.   They were the perfect back drop for this shot.  The other thing that helped that shot was the beautiful setting.  The grass was a deep green and the lake reflected the light perfectly.   For this shot I waited till the sun was about to set and found a nice angle on the lake.  It is so nice when everything comes together so naturally.

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The First Look at Your Wedding by

Wedding photography by at the Historic Gwinnett Courthouse

The first look at your wedding

There has been a trend in wedding photography that  I like.  It is called the "first look".   As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have starting to see more and more the first look sessions.  A lot of couples have been leaning towards the first look for a couple of reasons. The most popular reason is it same time after the wedding ceremony when it you usually do your formal photography. The other reason is the at a lot of Atlanta bride and grooms like to have a little personal time before the ceremony.  On more reason the couple goes for the first look is that they don't want to miss the surprise in the grooms face when he sees the bride for the first time in her wedding dress.

The best piece of advice I can give a bride and groom is that this is your day.  This is their wedding and if that choose to do a first look or not that is totally up to them.  Each wedding is unique and reflects the personality of the people getting married. 

To give you some back ground on this wedding photograph.  This cute couple were at the historic Gwinnett Courthouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia.   The photo was animated by Google photos.  

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Historic Wedding Venues in Atlanta Georgia

historic wedding venue by  wedding photographers at

I hope that you have had a great weekend.  Last week I talked about natural light and photo locations for engagement photography.   This week I am going to touch on some of the historic Atlanta wedding venues.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer involved in historic preservation I am so happy to see so many well preserved historic Atlanta wedding venues.
I have made this nifty cool map of some the historic Atlanta wedding venues.  In this blog I am going to concentrate on some of the historic places of worship.  Atlanta is home to some of the most culturally significant places of worship in the United States.   One the most important is the Ebenezer Baptist Church.   Where Martin Luther King preached at.  There is Christ the King in Atlanta.  It is one of the first Catholic Churches in Atlanta.  The Temple in downtown Atlanta is one of the first Synagogues in the southeast.   As a Atlanta wedding photographer it has been a honor to shoot at some of these important Atlanta landmarks.  This map of historic wedding venues is also a testament of the the diverse cultures that make Atlanta a melting pot of cultures.

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Family Photography and Natural Light

Photography by

 Natural Light Makes for the Best Photography

Yes I am a fan of natural light.  I am always looking for great source of natural lighting.  If you follow me you will know that I am going through all my old photo projects.  I am sharing some of my favorite photos from past projects.  Once again the common thread that goes through my best photography is natural light

I was asked to do some family photography  and new born photography a few years back.  It is not something I usually do so it was a real honor to do it.  This mother had recently had the baby and as you can tell the baby is very young.  When I got there I brought a black sheet.  I wanted to do some dramatic back drops for the photography.  As a father I know that I know that I am not on my schedule but I am on the baby's schedule.  So right after the baby was feed and feeling sleepy we draped the mother in the black back drop and used it as a blanket.  We then gently went to the open window in the baby's room.  No flash was used just a very simple shot and natural light.  That is why I love this photo so much.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Google Photos and Atlanta Weddings

Atlanta Wedding Photography by

Natural Lighting Makes for the Best Wedding Photography!

If you have been following my blog I have been embracing Google Photos!  It has been a great addition to all the tools that Google offers.  I have been a huge fan of Google documents but I have been having problems with filling up my drive since my photo and video files have been so big.  Now Google has given me a solution, Google photos!

I have been uploading a lot of my older weddings to Google photos using it as a reference and back up for the weddings.    Since I have been doing that I have had time to look at some of favorite photos from weddings past.  As I look at them the common thread is natural.  As you know at  I preach natural light when shooting Atlanta wedding photographyNatural light is faltering and gives the casual yet classic feel.  I also like the photos when the bride is not looking at the camera or me.   Their best smiles are for their friends and family that have came and shared their wedding day with them. I like this photo for many reasons.  One is the natural lighting.  I told the bride when she came out after putting in her dress to walk by these large windows just for the natural light.  The second is her smile and her sister behind her.  You can see how giddy they are to be walking out with the dress for the first time!

This photo also reminds me how much it is a honor to be a Atlanta wedding photographer.  To be part of such a special day and capturing.   The special candid wedding photos that make up the day and that the bride and groom can look back later and cherish the memory of wonderful wedding and beautiful day.

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Engagment Photo Locations by Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Engagement Photography by Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Map of Engagement Photo Locations by Atlanta Wedding Photographer

We are so lucky to live in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.  Our area is rich in very beautiful photo locations.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming when there are so many to choose from.  There are the popular parks, the historic landmarks, urban landscapes and nature trails.

When choosing a location for a photo shoot I am thinking am thinking of a few things.  First and for most I want to know more about the couple.  I want to know their personalities.  I want to know what I can do to make them feel comfortable when I am shooting them.  As we are shooting I am generally just chatting them up and getting to know them.  So when I am choosing a location for the engagement shoot in Atlanta I am thinking what location would be best to reflect their personality.  Are they a urban Atlanta couple? Are they a fun walk around barefoot couple?  The last but not least thing that I thinking of when preparing for a Atlanta engagement photography session is the light.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I know the time of day for your photography is very important!  This wedding photographer needs to know where the light will be when you start to shoot and how it will be moving through the sky when photographing.

To help with picking Atlanta photo locations I have made a map of some of the more popular spots.  You can click on the interactive map and choose a location to research.  Choose a location that reflects your personality!  If you have any Atlanta photo locations that you think I should add to the map please let me know and I will be happy to add them to it!

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