Friday, July 17, 2015

Family Photography and Natural Light

Photography by

 Natural Light Makes for the Best Photography

Yes I am a fan of natural light.  I am always looking for great source of natural lighting.  If you follow me you will know that I am going through all my old photo projects.  I am sharing some of my favorite photos from past projects.  Once again the common thread that goes through my best photography is natural light

I was asked to do some family photography  and new born photography a few years back.  It is not something I usually do so it was a real honor to do it.  This mother had recently had the baby and as you can tell the baby is very young.  When I got there I brought a black sheet.  I wanted to do some dramatic back drops for the photography.  As a father I know that I know that I am not on my schedule but I am on the baby's schedule.  So right after the baby was feed and feeling sleepy we draped the mother in the black back drop and used it as a blanket.  We then gently went to the open window in the baby's room.  No flash was used just a very simple shot and natural light.  That is why I love this photo so much.

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