Thursday, July 16, 2015

Google Photos and Atlanta Weddings

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Natural Lighting Makes for the Best Wedding Photography!

If you have been following my blog I have been embracing Google Photos!  It has been a great addition to all the tools that Google offers.  I have been a huge fan of Google documents but I have been having problems with filling up my drive since my photo and video files have been so big.  Now Google has given me a solution, Google photos!

I have been uploading a lot of my older weddings to Google photos using it as a reference and back up for the weddings.    Since I have been doing that I have had time to look at some of favorite photos from weddings past.  As I look at them the common thread is natural.  As you know at  I preach natural light when shooting Atlanta wedding photographyNatural light is faltering and gives the casual yet classic feel.  I also like the photos when the bride is not looking at the camera or me.   Their best smiles are for their friends and family that have came and shared their wedding day with them. I like this photo for many reasons.  One is the natural lighting.  I told the bride when she came out after putting in her dress to walk by these large windows just for the natural light.  The second is her smile and her sister behind her.  You can see how giddy they are to be walking out with the dress for the first time!

This photo also reminds me how much it is a honor to be a Atlanta wedding photographer.  To be part of such a special day and capturing.   The special candid wedding photos that make up the day and that the bride and groom can look back later and cherish the memory of wonderful wedding and beautiful day.

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