Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Engagement Photography in Atlanta by AtlantaArtisticWeddings


Piedmont Park Atlanta Georgia Engagement Photography by www.atlantaartisticweddings.com

It is a great honor to be a Atlanta wedding photographer. Once again I am sharing how much I love doing engagement sessions.  It gets everyone comfortable with each other.  The couples get to know the photographer and the wedding photographer gets to know the couple.  He gets to know what makes the client comfortable and how to put them at ease.  I love walking around Atlanta and pointing out landmarks and getting to know people before the wedding.  There are so many locations in Atlanta to take engagement photos.

 One of the many great things about Atlanta is the many parks and historic properties which make a beautiful back drop for you engagement photography.  There is Piedmont park which is a combination of both historic property and beautiful park.  Piedmont Park has a rich history that spans over the course of nearly two hundred years. Since 1822, Piedmont Park has continuously evolved, changing hands in the process, and going through several phases, first from a forest to a farm, then to a fairground and suburban park, and finally to the urban park that it is today.  Through out the park there are remnants to majestic history.  You can still see the Stone Balestrade form the Cotton State and International Exposition in 1895.    You are also using part of the trails from the Omstead Brother master plan for Piedmont Park form 1912.  You can walk over the park Drive Bridge built in 1916 to provide residents of the developing neighborhoods east of the park more access.

I have made a map of some of the more popular photo locations around Atlanta.  There is the Krog Street Tunnel if you want some graffiti and a more urban feel, the is West side Provision District, The Old Fourth Ward.    A lot of people use Stone Mountain Park which has a lot of locations within the park. There is Sweetwater Creek State Park where you have some reminants of historic structures there.  There is like I said the jewels of the city Piedmont Park and Centennial Olympic Park.

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