Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Atlanta Engagement Photography at Piedmont Park

Wedding photography by Atlanta Artistic Wedding Photography

Engagement Photo Session at Piedmont Park Atlanta by

Recently I had the honor of doing a engagement session for this wonderful couple.  They are getting married in Italy and wanted some shots of them in Atlanta at Piedmont Park by Park Tavern where they first meet.  I could not have asked for a better more fun couple.  What makes a great shoot is when everyone is relaxed and just have a good time.  This couple was just that.  I choose this photo to share this time because I really like the way that they look at each other.  After spending just a few moments with them I could tell how in love they were and how supportive they were of each other. 

I love doing engagement photography at Piedmont Park.   You have so many wonderful locations to shot at.  You have Oak Hill where you get a great Atlanta skyline in the background.  You have the  Dockside where you have a great view of the Lake Clara Meer, You have the Park Drive Bridge, the Active Oval, the Dockside Building with the great columns (featured here), the beautiful entrance gates through out the park and all the wonderful historic stone features throughout the park.

There are also some great wedding facilities there that I have had shot at.  There is the Dockside that where you can have your ceremony at.  There is Magnolia Hall where you have a wonderful wedding facility and easy access to parking which is a premium in Atlanta.  Then there is the Graystone Manor a historic wedding facility with beautiful details inside and out. 

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Classic Black and White Wedding photography in Atlanta

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 Classic Black and White Wedding Photography

Please let me tell you how much I love black and white wedding photography.  It gives you such a timeless feel to your wedding photography when done right. Remember photography means light drawing and when you use black and white photography it breaks it down to the basics.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer at I get the honor of shooting at different locations through this wonderful city.  At every Atlanta wedding venue the first thing I look for is natural lighting.  There is just something about when you have some natural light and a simple black and white wedding photograph it turns into a classic wedding photograph.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Atlanta Classic Black and White Wedding Photography

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography by

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography Never Goes Out of Style

If you know me at at all you know that I have a passion for classic black and white photography.  When I mean classic I mean timeless.  When you take a nice black and white photo you can't tell if it was taken in 1930 or 2015 it's natural beauty comes through. This particular photo was taken at Villa Christina a wonderful full service Atlanta wedding venue in the northern section of Atlanta Near the Sandy Springs, Georgia. 

There are several things I like about this photograph.  One is that the subject is not looking at me.  It is a candid moment of the wedding day.  Part of the behind the scenes look at what goes into a wedding.  The classic black and white image lends itself to a documentary feel.  The black and white aspect also gets rid of the distractions around the subject so you can focus on the subject and get pulled on to the photograph.

As a Atlanta wedding photographer at Atlanta Artistic Weddings I have the honor of shooting many different kind of cultures, event venues and wonderful people in general.  That is the thing that I love about wedding photography in Atlanta. It is just so awesome to document someone's special day and the bringing together of two families and celebrating two people in love. 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Great Band and Wedding Photography by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Master Piece Band and Live Entertainment wedding photography by

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I recently I had the honor of shooting a wonderful wedding at the Houston Mill House.  One of the things I don't see much any more is a live band and I love live bands.  The name of the band at this wedding is the MasterPiece Band.  You can see them at their website at  They are a very talented group that know how to get the party started.  They have 3 female vocalist and one of the coolest bass players!  Everyone in the band is a master!  I do how ever have to say something about the trombone player which you don't see very often in bands anymore.  He just blew me away what a talent not only did he played with the larger piece band but he and the guitar player were playing jazz during the dinner hour.  If you want to you and your guests to have a great time I would suggest booking some live music!

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Great band