Monday, October 12, 2015

Atlanta Classic Black and White Wedding Photography

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography by

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography Never Goes Out of Style

If you know me at at all you know that I have a passion for classic black and white photography.  When I mean classic I mean timeless.  When you take a nice black and white photo you can't tell if it was taken in 1930 or 2015 it's natural beauty comes through. This particular photo was taken at Villa Christina a wonderful full service Atlanta wedding venue in the northern section of Atlanta Near the Sandy Springs, Georgia. 

There are several things I like about this photograph.  One is that the subject is not looking at me.  It is a candid moment of the wedding day.  Part of the behind the scenes look at what goes into a wedding.  The classic black and white image lends itself to a documentary feel.  The black and white aspect also gets rid of the distractions around the subject so you can focus on the subject and get pulled on to the photograph.

As a Atlanta wedding photographer at Atlanta Artistic Weddings I have the honor of shooting many different kind of cultures, event venues and wonderful people in general.  That is the thing that I love about wedding photography in Atlanta. It is just so awesome to document someone's special day and the bringing together of two families and celebrating two people in love. 

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