Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Trash the Dress with Natural Lighting by Wedding Photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings

As a Atlanta wedding photographer at Atlanta Artistic Weddings I get to shoot at so many wonderful photo locations through out the metro area.  This weekend a bride contact me because she saw one of my posts and said that if I shot your wedding I would throw in a trash the dress shoot for free!  When she contacted me that she wanted to a trash the dress shoot I could not be happier!  They are just so much fun!!

It seemed like everything worked out at this shoot.  It had been looking like rain but we did not see any during the shoot.  Mater of fact during the key shot when she started to go to the water the sun lined up perfectly!  We got that great rim light that you see in her hair.  All of this was done with natural lighting!  The other thing that worked out so well was the fall colors!  It was a perfect time to shoot the photos that weekend I could not have asked for better fall colors.  Last but not least was the bride!  She was a real trooper!  She was open minded about all the locations we shot at and just jumped in the water and did not complain that it was cold (and it was very cold!!).  The most important thing about this wonderful bride is that she just wanted to have fun!  If you want the best photos you just need to have fun!!  I can not thank her enough.

I just love this photo for a couple of reasons.  One, the lighting I could not ask for more.  Like I said it was cloudy all day and then boom! As soon as we started to move to the water shots the sun came out and was at the perfect angle.  The second thing I love about the photo is the bride's pose.  It is not a pose per say because it is so natural. She is not looking at the camera she is just drinking in the fall colors, the warm sun, the water and the moment.  As you have read in all my posts is that I love natural lighting!!! The lighting in this photo is just so naturally beautiful and I could not ask for more.  I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I did taking it.

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