Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Atlanta Rainy Day Wedding Photography

Atlanta Wedding Photography by

I want to share with you a recent Atlanta wedding.    I want to tell you a little about this bride. One she was great!!!  She embraced the day and cherished her wonderful friends and family.  These bridesmaids were awesome also!  They were so supportive and you could tell they had a bond with the bride that went way back.

As a Atlanta Wedding Photographer I have the honor of shooting at many different locations and situations.  There is one thing no one can do anything about is the "r" word.  When I say the "r" word I mean rain.  Every venue and bride hopes for the best and plans for the worst.  This particular wedding we found out early on that it was going to rain.  So they moved the wedding inside.  As some of you may know that I love natural light.  I will use natural lighting when ever I can.  After the wedding it was time to do the portraits.  Since it was raining I could not take the party outside.  I did how ever see this huge window with white curtains.  I took the bridal party there.  There was a enough natural light to back light the party.  I could not be happier with the results.  It gives a beautiful airy feel. This is a group of people who will not let a little rain ruin their parade!

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