Friday, January 8, 2016

Atlanta Wedding photographer shoots at night with sparklers

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As a Atlanta wedding photographer, one of my favorite things if light painting and photograph at night.  The results are always very dramatic.  I like it when there are sparklers at the exit also when we get a wedding venue that has exterior lights to show the building off.  Recently I had the honor of photographing a wonderful wedding in Atlanta.  The venue was gorgeous and the wedding went into the night.
Let me set up this shot "LOVE" photo and how it was done. While I had my assistant inside shooting the dancing I saw group of people getting ready to leave.  I asked them if they could help with a shot real quick and they said "sure".  We went outside where I already had the sparklers and tripod set up.  I explained to then that they were going to spell out "LOVE".  I assigned each one a letter to make and told them they had to do it backwards as if they were looking in the mirror.  I lit the sparklers and let them at it.  I had a set up my camera for long exposure of 10 seconds and deep depth of field.  We had enough time to take 4 exposures and the sparklers burned out.  The group were great and so generous with their time.  I showed them the picture and they "LOVED IT".  The bride and groom were inside and did not what was going on. So at the end when I gave them the photo they were pleasantly surprised!   It really is a simple photo to make but makes the couple so happy.
I hope you enjoyed the photo as much as I did making it.  The wedding photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings would love to hear from you!  Please go to the contact page and drop me a note.

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