Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dog is Best Man at this Atlanta Wedding

Mans best friend - wedding photography by www.atlantaartisticweddings.com

Dog is Best Man at Atlanta Wedding by www.atlantaartisticweddings.com

I love it when people make the wedding unique.  I first want to say this couple was great!  They were so thoughtful to each other.  One of things they told me is that the wanted to incorporate their pets in to the wedding.  As some you pet owners know is that a dog can become family.  They not only have loyalty they have tons of personality to bring to the family.  The them of the wedding was a very rustic wedding with everyone pitching in.  The they used Sunflowers and touches of yellow through out the decorations.

When I shoot a wedding it is a documentary of the wedding day.  I like to shoot from beginning to end.  When people are helping out during the preparation of the wedding.  I think it is a act of love.  They are doing it for the couple.  As you can see here this dog does not usually wear a bow tie.  When you look at him he is saying "I will this tie just because I love you,  but after the wedding it is coming off".    The dogs were so good during the wedding and were a great addition to the ceremony.

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