Friday, January 29, 2016

Natural Light Wedding Photography by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Natural Light Wedding Photography by

 Natural Light Wedding Photographer in Atlanta

If you have been following this Atlanta wedding photographer's blog you may have noticed that I am obsessed with natural light and photography.  Just think light was the first thing God created! When you break down photography it means light drawing.  There so many beautiful photos you can take by just noticing the natural light around you.  When I am shooting I am always aware of the light inside and outside a facility and the time of day of the shoot so I will be aware of when the sunsets and where.

Recently I shot a wedding and it started to rain.  So the wedding had to be moved inside.  The facility could not have acted more quickly or graciously to fix the situation.  Once inside I had to change my game plan on where I was going to take photos since it started to rain.  When inside i saw these wonderful large windows with white curtains.  They produced this great diffused light.  When they wanted to do their photograph I told them to stand in front of the window and dialed in my exposure so that they would be backlit and the window light would be blown out.  Like most ideas it came out of simplicity and necessity.  I have always loved this photo because you can tell they are so in love!

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