Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Georgian Terrace | Atlanta Artistic Weddings

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As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have been so blessed.  This weeks wedding was a military couple.  They choose one of my favorite wedding venues the Georgian Terrace.
The Georgina Terrace is a grand hotel that opened in 1911.  It has these huge floor to ceiling windows, crystal chandeliers and white marble columns.  The hotels is on Peachtree Street right across the Fox theater.  Where the premiere of Gone with the Wind was held held and the pre-premiere party with the stars was held at the Georgian Terrace.  They have also had many of the major motion pictures filmed in the hotel.  The guests that have stayed at the hotels have been from presidents to the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley
As a wedding photographer I love the place for the rich character.  The marble stair case makes for a elegant backdrop for wedding photos as you can see above.   As you know that I have a deep passion for natural lighting for wedding photography.  The floor to ceiling windows are such a great source for lighting.  There is also a atrium that brings in wonderful light and grandeur to any photograph.
The military couple at this wedding serve in the Navy.  It is always a great honor to photograph the outstanding people who serve our country.  This couple were so nice and fun to shoot.  They were just a joy to be around!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Engagement Photography Tips | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Engagement Photography by

There are so many reasons to have an engagement photo shoot.  Not only does it help you practice for your wedding day photography, it gives you the chance to become comfortable with your photographer and the pictures are perfect for your wedding stationery. However, the most beautiful reason has to be that engagement photos celebrate a huge milestone in your life. Like this article on the Huff Post mentions, these pictures are beautiful memoirs of the beginning of your love and commitment to each other, which makes it very special.
Best for Bride (, Canada's leading bridal dress chain, has the following tips to help you nail your engagement photo shoot.

Choose a great location

Great backdrops make for great pictures. So, find a location that will set the right tone for your pictures. Decide whether you want to shoot indoors or outdoors based on how you want your pictures to look. You can also choose a location that is meaningful to you, like the place where you met each other. Discuss with your photographer, as he may have suggestions too.

Find flattering outfits

Engagement Photography by
Your outfits should not only fit correctly, but should also complement you. Simple silhouettes and solid colors photograph well. Avoid details that distract and anything too trendy that will make your photos look dated in few years. Choose your individual outfits in such a way that your overall look comes together beautifully. Also think of how the colors and style will look in the background you have chosen for your pictures.

Make an effort to look good

Pay extra attention to your hair and makeup on the day, since this will make a huge difference to your photos. Apply more makeup than you usually do, but try to keep it natural so you look like a better version of yourself in the pictures. Not all makeup is photogenic. So, it may be a good idea to stay away from fake tans, bronzer and glitter that look unnatural in photos.
Let your photographer guide you
Keep an open mind and welcome your photographer's suggestions. As an experienced professional, he/she will have a good idea of how to capture gorgeous photos in the given setting. Your photographer may advise you on which profile looks best or what poses may look good. Be willing to try it out and the product is bound to be amazing.

Relax and enjoy yourselves
The more fun you have during your engagement photo shoot, the more interesting your pictures will be. Be yourselves, and enjoy yourself as you pose. Smile from your heart and let your love shine through.  Relax and enjoy the shoot, and you will be amazed by the results.
Author Bio:
Best for Bride is Canada's one-stop bridal destination, featuring a vast inventory of wedding dresses and a range of wedding services. This wedding dress chain operates from four locations in Canada and also offers a reliable online shopping experience for brides from all over the world. Best for Bride can also be found on Facebook: and Twitter:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Classic Black and White Wedding Photography with Natural Light | Atlanta Artsitic Weddings

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Atlanta Wedding Photographers Use Natural Light in Black and White Wedding Photography

I am a Atlanta wedding photographer who loves black and white wedding photography and appreciates the nuances of natural light.  It has such a timeless feel to them.  They breaks down the light simply to tell a story.  It also maps the light of the scene.  In this photo the bride is seems to be drinking the light and soaking in the moment on her wedding day.   When you break down the light simply in a black and white wedding photography you can see the beautiful texture of the dress.
I could not have gotten a more wonderful bride!  As you can see she was not afraid to drink in the moment and enjoy the day.  She was graceful and so thankful to all the people that surrounded her.  With all the chaos that swirled around her she was at peace, present and centered.  You can tell from the natural freedom that you can see in the photo.

When you look at a black and white wedding photography your photographs become timeless.  There have been so many trends in wedding photography you can tell when it was shot.  You know if it was shot in the 70's 80's 90's or recently with the Instagram filters.   I love this photo because the bride choose such wonderful dress that was perfect for her.  When you look at it you can't date it.  The photo becomes timeless and it does not follow any trend.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Light Saber and Star Wars Entrace | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Photography by

Light Saber Wedding Reception Entrance

I love it when a bride and groom make an entrance!  When I look at this photos I can hear the Star Wars theme going.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am honored to photograph many weddings.  I always enjoy it when a bride and groom make the wedding their on by adding a little personality to it.  The entrance looks great as they come in to the dark room with the light sabers lighting their way in to the reception.  You can see the expression on their faces on how excited they are!

They had such a wonderful time at their reception.  It was truly an honor to photograph such a special day in their lives.  They were surrounded by some of the nicest friends and family I have ever scene.  They danced, danced and danced some more with everyone in attendance.  It was truly a celebration of love, life, and family.   With so many supportive people guests it is a great start to a long life together for two very special people.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Ring Bearer and Flower Girls | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Atlanta Wedding Photography and the Flower Girl and Ringbrearer.

  Ring bearer and flower girls are the best! They look at the wedding as a fun celebration like everyone should be!  I love the miniature suits the ring bearer wears.  They want to do such a good job! These two are so adorable and thoughtful.  It was such an honor to photograph these wedding attendants.

This photo was taken at the Korean First Presbyterian Church in Lilburn.  It is a wonderful church with such gracious and kind members.  The church is beautiful, open and a great place for a wedding.  When I saw the ring bearer and flower girl I knew I wanted to capture a these two as they came down the isle.  You can look at them and tell how proud they are to be part of the wedding day.  They made quite a wedding team!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Classic Black and White Photos | Photo Journalistic Wedding Photography

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at and Classic Black and White Wedding Photography

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I love the photo documentary style of black and white photo documentary style of photography.  First I was raised on black and white photography.  It love the way it can break down a scene.  They way it makes you think about light.  The way it can get rid of some the distraction of color. I love this photo for a few reasons.  One it is so simple.  I used a really fast lens with a shallow depth of field to focus just on the subject and I would not have to use a harsh flash to distract the subject.

I love the photo journalistic style of wedding photography.  If you think about wedding photography it is a a documentary of the wedding day.  The photos capture the candid moments between the couple and their guests.  The photos should capture the joy of the wedding celebration.  The photos should capture the happiness as everyone celebrates the wedding.

When you combine classic black and white photography and a photo journalistic style of photography your photos become so much more.  The wedding photographs become timeless.  So when you look back at the photos years later it takes you to that moment in time when you with your friends and family.  The photos become a time machine for you to go back to that moment and smile.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Natural Lighting is the best! | Atlanta Artistic Weddings

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 Natural Lighting for Your Wedding Photography

Well here I go again about using natural light.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I can't say enough about using natural light for your wedding photography.  When ever I am shooting I look around for natural light sources such as windows and doors.  This particular shot was done by a window in the home.  I saw the window and the white diffused curtains and I knew what I wanted.  I casually asked the bride and her friend to step by the window so they could have some light to see what they were doing. I over exposed the photo to blow out the window and get a good exposure on the subjects.  This is the results. All if this was done with natural light and the correct exposure.
I love the way the light accents and frames the subjects.

 It simplifies everything in the shot.  Nothing competes with the bride and her friend.  They are the center of the attention as they should be for a shot like this.  Using the natural light for your advantage can make for amazing results!! The light gives you dramatic photo documentary photography.

I want to thank this wonderful couple.  They were so thoughtful and gracious through out the day.  I can't say enough nice things about them!
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bringing Pets to Your Engagement Session Adds Personality

Photo by the wedding photographers at

This Atlanta wedding photographer loves it when a couple incorporates their pets in their weddings and engagement shoots.  It personalizes a engagement session or wedding.  I like to know what kind of pet they have.  They are sort of reflection of them.  They bring so much personality and life to any occasion!
This dog was just like her owners fun, full of energy, out going and a joy to be around!  She still has a little pup in her so she excited to check out everything.  When it came for the photos she settled down and posed for this photo.  You can tell that her owners are so proud of her!  She was a great addition to a fun engagement session.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Atlanta Wedding Photographers Use Natural Light | Photography by

Wedding Photography by

Had a great weekend!  Got to photograph a wonderful couple and had some wonderful weather!  This week I was shooting out side of Atlanta at Fair Weather Farm.  It is a large farm with a large lake, reception area and hunting lodge.  There were also wild deer on the property who would walk right up to ya.
It was Saturday morning and my son came with me for the shot. We had a little ride from our home to the shoot.  It was a great ride and we had a great time to talking and catching up.  We left early since it was our first time at this venue.  We got there almost a 30 minutes early.  It gave us plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.
When we went to the wedding facility we passed several deer grazing in the open field.  The owners of the facility could not have been more gracious.  They shared the history of the property and the beautiful facility.  They also gave us a tour of all the amenities they have.  Such as the reception area, large historic oak tree, bridal room, antique carriages and pier on the large lake.
When the couple arrived we took advantage of all of these great photo ops.  We went to the trail and took photos there.  As you know I am a fan of natural light.  It seems like the whole facility was designed for this day's light.  We were surrounded by great light and photo locations.  We even took some photos with the couples' dog.  After we took some photos with dog we started to leave.  We stopped and checked out the deer hanging out in the field.  I asked the couple to take a few more photos at this location and the light was perfect!  They were so thoughtful towards each other and had a great time!
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Atlanta Wedding Photographers shoot at Night

Atlanta wedding photographers shoot at Night photography by

Atlanta Wedding Photographer Shoots at Night

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I feel so blessed to work with so many great people and places in Georgia.  I love working at the many wedding venues in Atlanta from the Fox Theater to the many historic mansions such as the Nalor Hall one of the many wedding event venues in Roswell, Georgia.  Each venue and couple bring their on personality to a shoot and it is my job as a professional wedding photography.

This particular couple had a wonderful outdoor wedding at a venue outside the Atlanta perimeter.  This particular venue had a beautiful gazebo where they got married.  They were silhouetted against the sunset during the wedding ceremony.  So when it came time to do the couple's wedding photography the sun had set and we had the night sky.  There were several lanterns that hung around this historic oak tree.  So I brought the couple there and used the tree as a back drop and the lanterns for ambient light. It captured the intimacy of the couple and caught the romantic lighting of the lanterns and the historic oak tree as a backdrop for the wedding photography.  This photo captures the personality of the wedding venue and the wedding couple.

I hope you take the time and read some of my other wedding blogs that I have at Atlanta artistic weddings.  I have been sharing some info on some of the best wedding venues in Atlanta, Georgia.  I have also been sharing wedding tips for bride and grooms.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wedding Photography at Emory Campus by

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

Wedding Photographers at Atlanta Artistic Weddings shoot at Emory

It is a honor being a Atlanta wedding photographer.  I know I am being biased but I believe I get to work with the best couples in Atlanta!  Recently I got to shoot a couple at Emory University where they graduated. 

If you are not familiar with Emory University it is a beautiful campus nestled in Atlanta.  There is many wonderful locations for photo shoots.  There is Lullwater Park a very large park that has walking/running.  There are green spaces in the campus called quads and they are stunning examples of great architecture on the campus.  There are several buildings the quad we shot at there is the Candler Library, Bowden Hall, Michael Carlos Museum and Micheal Carlos Hall.  In the background of this photo you can see the Micheal C. Carlos Hall.  It has this wonderful entry way and great glass details.

You may have a a great background for a photo but what really makes a great wedding photo is a fun couple!!  These two were great they were so much fun and just enjoyed there big day with their family and friends.  They were so thoughtful to each other.

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