Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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Had a great weekend!  Got to photograph a wonderful couple and had some wonderful weather!  This week I was shooting out side of Atlanta at Fair Weather Farm.  It is a large farm with a large lake, reception area and hunting lodge.  There were also wild deer on the property who would walk right up to ya.
It was Saturday morning and my son came with me for the shot. We had a little ride from our home to the shoot.  It was a great ride and we had a great time to talking and catching up.  We left early since it was our first time at this venue.  We got there almost a 30 minutes early.  It gave us plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.
When we went to the wedding facility we passed several deer grazing in the open field.  The owners of the facility could not have been more gracious.  They shared the history of the property and the beautiful facility.  They also gave us a tour of all the amenities they have.  Such as the reception area, large historic oak tree, bridal room, antique carriages and pier on the large lake.
When the couple arrived we took advantage of all of these great photo ops.  We went to the trail and took photos there.  As you know I am a fan of natural light.  It seems like the whole facility was designed for this day's light.  We were surrounded by great light and photo locations.  We even took some photos with the couples' dog.  After we took some photos with dog we started to leave.  We stopped and checked out the deer hanging out in the field.  I asked the couple to take a few more photos at this location and the light was perfect!  They were so thoughtful towards each other and had a great time!
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