Thursday, March 17, 2016

Classic Black and White Photos | Photo Journalistic Wedding Photography

Photo by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at and Classic Black and White Wedding Photography

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I love the photo documentary style of black and white photo documentary style of photography.  First I was raised on black and white photography.  It love the way it can break down a scene.  They way it makes you think about light.  The way it can get rid of some the distraction of color. I love this photo for a few reasons.  One it is so simple.  I used a really fast lens with a shallow depth of field to focus just on the subject and I would not have to use a harsh flash to distract the subject.

I love the photo journalistic style of wedding photography.  If you think about wedding photography it is a a documentary of the wedding day.  The photos capture the candid moments between the couple and their guests.  The photos should capture the joy of the wedding celebration.  The photos should capture the happiness as everyone celebrates the wedding.

When you combine classic black and white photography and a photo journalistic style of photography your photos become so much more.  The wedding photographs become timeless.  So when you look back at the photos years later it takes you to that moment in time when you with your friends and family.  The photos become a time machine for you to go back to that moment and smile.

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Kasandra said...

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