Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Georgian Terrace | Atlanta Artistic Weddings

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As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have been so blessed.  This weeks wedding was a military couple.  They choose one of my favorite wedding venues the Georgian Terrace.
The Georgina Terrace is a grand hotel that opened in 1911.  It has these huge floor to ceiling windows, crystal chandeliers and white marble columns.  The hotels is on Peachtree Street right across the Fox theater.  Where the premiere of Gone with the Wind was held held and the pre-premiere party with the stars was held at the Georgian Terrace.  They have also had many of the major motion pictures filmed in the hotel.  The guests that have stayed at the hotels have been from presidents to the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley
As a wedding photographer I love the place for the rich character.  The marble stair case makes for a elegant backdrop for wedding photos as you can see above.   As you know that I have a deep passion for natural lighting for wedding photography.  The floor to ceiling windows are such a great source for lighting.  There is also a atrium that brings in wonderful light and grandeur to any photograph.
The military couple at this wedding serve in the Navy.  It is always a great honor to photograph the outstanding people who serve our country.  This couple were so nice and fun to shoot.  They were just a joy to be around!
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