Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Light Saber and Star Wars Entrace | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Photography by www.AtlantaArtisticWeddings.com

Light Saber Wedding Reception Entrance

I love it when a bride and groom make an entrance!  When I look at this photos I can hear the Star Wars theme going.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am honored to photograph many weddings.  I always enjoy it when a bride and groom make the wedding their on by adding a little personality to it.  The entrance looks great as they come in to the dark room with the light sabers lighting their way in to the reception.  You can see the expression on their faces on how excited they are!

They had such a wonderful time at their reception.  It was truly an honor to photograph such a special day in their lives.  They were surrounded by some of the nicest friends and family I have ever scene.  They danced, danced and danced some more with everyone in attendance.  It was truly a celebration of love, life, and family.   With so many supportive people guests it is a great start to a long life together for two very special people.

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