Thursday, April 28, 2016

Indian Wedding Wedding Photography and a great DJ

Photography by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

As a Atlanta wedding photographer one of the first people I introduce myself to is the DJ.  They are the ones calling out what is going on in the wedding.  They have their hand on the pulse of the wedding.  They know what to do to get a party started!!

This wedding the DJ was great!  His name is Mike Hehta and he is with Exclusive Entertainment.  He was personable and very gracious on coordinating the many activities during the Indian engagement party and ceremony.  This man was busy!  He helped with my videographer and the sound from his board.  He also ran a spot light all the while while calling out the activities.  He even helped me by calling out the different groups for the family photography.  A good DJ is so important for a Indian Wedding Photography or Wedding Engagement Photography.

This is one of my favorite photographs I have taken in a while.  This photograph would not have happened with out a great DJ (Thank you Mike!).  You feel the celebration coming from the photo and the smile on the father's face!  

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