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Naylor Hall in Historic Roswell, Georgia

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This weekend I had the honor of shooting a Naylor Hall in Roswell, Georgia again.  The weather was perfect and so was the venue.  The couple were just awesome!!!  The groom made a grooms cake out of donuts!  He really did a great job!  They had Coke Cola and Buckeyes as gifts for the guests.  It was a nod to where they grew up the bride from Atlanta area and the groom from Ohio. 
If you have been reading all my posts you will know what my favorite part of the wedding is.  It is the toast!  You get to know the couple, friends and family in this small part of the wedding day.  The brides dad did the most heartfelt toast I have heard in a long time.  It was good advice for all.  He had me a little weepy at the end of it!

Let me tell you about where the wedding was held Naylor Hall in historic Roswell, Georgia.  The first thing that you notice is the driveway and the stately columns.  They have a wonderful foyer for greeting your guests. Separating the foyer is the bar and then you enter in the dinning room or ball room.  This area has hardwood floors and gorgeous windows.

The venue has a rich history and I am quoting their website.
"The original part of the home, a four room clapboard cottage with a central fireplace, was built in the 1840's by Barrington King for H.W. Proudfoot and his wife, Euphemia. Mr. King, son of Roswell's founder, employed Mr. Proudfoot as a bookkeeper in his newly constructed Roswell Mills, which would later become famous in its own right for its production of Roswell Grey cloth used in Confederate uniforms.
Reportedly, in anticipation of Sherman's march, huge supplies of Confederate uniforms were taken from the mill and secretly stored at Naylor Hall. In the summer of 1864, the Proudfoot's home was heavily damaged by Federal troops. After occupation, Proudfoot began to rebuild. He remained with the mill, and in his home, until his death in 1871.
In the late 1930's Colonel Harrison Broadwell purchased the property, naming it Naylor Hall in honor of his wife's family. He also added the columns, the handcrafted woodwork, and the portico encompassing the original structure."

What really makes a great venue is the staff.  Their staff was top notch.  Everyone was so gracious and just made you feel at home.  If you are looking for a great historic wedding venue you must check out Naylor Hall.  You can visit their website at .

As a Atlanta Wedding Photographer I can't tell you how much I enjoy shooting at historic venues in and around Atlanta.  They give your wedding that charming character that makes your wedding a day to remember.

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