Friday, May 27, 2016

Rhodes Hall | Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Rhodes Hall by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

Atlanta Artistic Weddings and Rhodes Hall

Recently I had the honor of shooting at the Rhodes Hall.  I am a Atlanta wedding photographer who is a fan of historic wedding venues.  Rhodes Hall is one of the crown jewels of Atlanta.  It is also the home of the Georgia Trust.   If you don't know the Georgia Trust saves endangered Houses and Buildings, and educates the the public on historic resources among many things.  So when I got a chance to shoot a wedding at Rhodes Hall I was overjoyed.

The historic wedding venue has a rich history.  I will just quote the their website.
Built in 1904, Rhodes Hall has been an Atlanta landmark for generations. While it was originally the residence of Rhodes Furniture founder Amos Rhodes, today it is a house museum and one of the most unique venues in Atlanta for social and corporate events. The upper floors of the "castle on Peachtree" are also headquarters for The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. Take a tour of the house and learn more about its history, get information about the many events at Rhodes Hall, or learn how you can host your next event at Atlanta's "castle on Peachtree."

The wedding was for some one who like me is involved in historic preservation.  She could not have been more gracious and her husband was a hoot!  The wedding was very tasteful.  They had some of the best wonderful friends and family.  They got married under the main stairway.  It was a cute ceremony full of love and laughter.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bridal Bouquet Bridal | Detail Shots for Your Wedding

Bridal Bouquet by
As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have taken my share of detail shots. One of my favorite shots is the bride's bouquet.  The reflect the style of the bride.  If they are made of natural flowers of adorned with personal items such as trinkets. 

Recently I was shooting the bride's bouquet.  It was beautiful and was wrapped in silk.  When I was shooting it the wedding coordinator came out and said she forgot to put something on the bouquet.  It was a gold cross that was over 100  years old.  Every bride in her family for 100 years has gotten married with that cross.  Then the coordinator showed me the old photos of her family and in each one the bride was wearing the cross!  What a wonderful tradition that has been passed down!

I have other times I have seen when some of the things on the bouquet have been more somber.  A year ago or so I had a bride who had recently lost her mother whom she was very close to.  She really wanted her mother at her wedding day.  She was very thoughtful and put a broach with a photo of her mom in it.  So during the wedding and through out the day her mom was with her.  I would often catch the bride looking down at her bouquet and the photo longingly. 

So there you go.  A bouquet is more than a bunch of flowers a bride carries around on her wedding day.  They can be a tradition that goes back over a 100 years.  They can carry the memory of a loved one.  They can be many things but please don't call them a bunch of flowers.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cator Woolford Gardens by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

By the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am always surprised at all the venues in this great city!  I wanted to share with you a Cator Woolford Gardens.  It is located on 39 acres of Mature hardwood forest.  It it one of the few remaining intact historic estates in Metropolitan Atlanta.  It is very close to downtown and right off of Ponce de Leon across from the Fernbank Museum and Druid Hills Country Club. 

Cator Woolford Gardens at the Frazer Center provides the perfect setting for weddings, parties, reunions and other special events and also offers a lovely alternative for corporate functions like conferences, luncheons, fundraisers, and social retreats. Increasingly, the film industry has discovered the Gardens to be a great setting for movie and television shoots, as well.

When I recently shot a wedding there I could not have been happier with the facilities.  The facilities were just spectacularly grand!  The staff was more that gracious.  I heard many of the guests compliment the facilities and staff.  You could not ask for a more beautiful oasis in the city.   The facility had the perfect combination of charm and grandeur.   You can visit their website at

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rustic Wedding Photograph by

Rustic Wedding in Georgia, Mountains

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have had the honor of shooting many wonderful locations through out the state.  While I love the lights of the big city I also enjoy the surrounding metro area and the rolling hills and people of rural Georgia.

I recently had the honor of shooting a beautiful rustic wedding outside of Atlanta.  I am really not good a giving labels to styles but I would describe this wedding as sort of "Country French".  The wedding definitely had a style that reflected the bride and groom.  It was very classy with out putting on airs.  The wedding venue had a barn that lead to a open amphitheater like area for the ceremony.  The background of the wedding is the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains and the soft rolling hills of the vineyard of  the estate.

The couple that got married could not have been more gracious.  They were so thoughtful to each other.   They were blessed with many wonderful friends and family that celebrated the union of two very special people.

If you have been following my blog you have been seeing me preach about my love of natural light.  Well this wedding gave me plenty of chances to take advantage of it. With the ceremony outside it gave me plenty of natural light to play with.  The openness of the wedding area the light bathed the wedding party in this wonderful glow.    

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Military Wedding at the Georgian Terrace

by the Atlanta Wedding Photographers at

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am honored to do so many great weddings.  One of my favorite parts of the wedding is the father and daughter dance.  There have been plenty of times that I have been swept up by the moment.  Looking through my view finder with tears in my eyes.

This father and daughter dance was so sweet.  You could tell that the father and daughter had a very special bond.  He was so proud of the woman she had become.  His daughter married a great guy and both the daughter and her husband were in the military serving others.  You tell by the look onher face how happy she is.  She is present and enjoying the moment with the people she loves.

This was a beautiful wedding at the Georgian Terrace.  It is a historic hotel that opened in 1911.  It has always been the go to place the premiere events in Atlanta.  They even shoot big budget movies there.  I have shot there many times and have always been so impressed by the professionalism of the staff.  They know how to make your wedding a day to remember!

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