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Bridal Bouquet Bridal | Detail Shots for Your Wedding

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As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have taken my share of detail shots. One of my favorite shots is the bride's bouquet.  The reflect the style of the bride.  If they are made of natural flowers of adorned with personal items such as trinkets. 

Recently I was shooting the bride's bouquet.  It was beautiful and was wrapped in silk.  When I was shooting it the wedding coordinator came out and said she forgot to put something on the bouquet.  It was a gold cross that was over 100  years old.  Every bride in her family for 100 years has gotten married with that cross.  Then the coordinator showed me the old photos of her family and in each one the bride was wearing the cross!  What a wonderful tradition that has been passed down!

I have other times I have seen when some of the things on the bouquet have been more somber.  A year ago or so I had a bride who had recently lost her mother whom she was very close to.  She really wanted her mother at her wedding day.  She was very thoughtful and put a broach with a photo of her mom in it.  So during the wedding and through out the day her mom was with her.  I would often catch the bride looking down at her bouquet and the photo longingly. 

So there you go.  A bouquet is more than a bunch of flowers a bride carries around on her wedding day.  They can be a tradition that goes back over a 100 years.  They can carry the memory of a loved one.  They can be many things but please don't call them a bunch of flowers.

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My husband and I could not be happier with our decision to hold our wedding at this place. We had a fusion wedding, which was complex and involved many moving parts, and we were in expert hands with the wedding venues manager, our day-of coordinator (as well as the rest of the staff).